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In her singing career of over seven decades she has been one of the best-known and most admired playback singers in India. He was great man but also just a man. He was generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.

He was all about love. She also made her Kannada debut in for the film Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna by recording two songs for the music director Lakshman Berlekar.

Aap nahin gaayenge mere saath yeh galat baat hai. I think he was great person I respect him The very first Renaissance man.

Lata Mangeshkar

Despite that she was given various awards by governments of varying political hues only and only for her mind-boggling contribution to film music. The slow poison incident rendered her very weak. My point has been made.

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Adolf Hitler is famous because everyone knows who he is! She has sone so much for everyone and she is probably the only queen of hearts and I hope she rests in peace V 63 Comments 10 Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo, was an Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, poetry, On 21 Juneshe released the album Saadgi, featuring eight ghazal -like songs written by Javed Akhtar and composed by Mayuresh Pai.

InShe listed in The Guinness Book of Records as the most recorded artist in the history more than 25, in 20 Indian languages. He used to recite poems and stories to keep Lata in good humour.

Once I hear the words spoken, I write the song lines phonetically in Hindi and then sing. There is no reason to hate this man to be hated, other than stated "holocaust". When the teacher stopped her, she was so angry that she stopped going to the school.

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Durrani, was her first song for composer, Naushad. November 14, Born: Bollywood lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri used to regularly visit Lataji at her home daily at 6 pm.

7 Melodious Bollywood Songs Of 70s Sung By Lata Mangeshkar

Mohd Rafi saab and I fought over royalty rights. Laxmikant Pyarelal were the kings when it came to churning out hits. He married widows, loved children, granted respect to women, married a 9 years old girl but treated her like his daughter until she became a mature.

He was the first music director who showed complete faith in my talent. Inshe designed a jewellery collection called Swaranjali, which was crafted by Adora, an Indian diamond export company.

I have to also say that Jack Daniels is also brought up quite a bit. Her original name is Hema.People should be blessed in life with friends who are both "Mirrors Lata Mangeshkar is known to have been a sympathiser of the Hindutva Living people.

Lata Mangeshkar Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Children. Lata Mangeshkar Date of Birth, Net Worth, Bra Size, Education, Boyfriends, Marriage. Mar 31,  · Lata Mangeshkar born September 28, is a is an Indian singer, and occasional music-composer and most popular playback singer in Bollywood's history.

She Lata Mangeshkar born September 28, is a is an Indian singer, and occasional music-composer and most popular playback singer in Bollywood's history.

Five is too less a number, for there are too many women I admire for something or the other across different fields like sports, politics, business and arts and entertainment. However, if I have to shortlist five women from current times, it’ll have to be the five below.

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We now have over two million famous quotes and Movie Quotes, which is. Lata Mangeshkar is famous Indian playback singer who sang over Like Lata Mangeshkar, site visitors who come seeking for the details about people of their.

A famous living person like lata mangeshkar you admire
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