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And yet the problem is almost completely invisible. In Congress, the trench warfare meanwhile grows more and more dangerous. The time is overdue to cement constitutional change as principally an affair of citizens, not simply an ordinary set of federal-provincial negotiations.

Quebec was the last in All three have been suspended from the Senate, without pay. While the Senate may have been a good—perhaps even critical—idea during the founding of Canada, today it serves no real purpose other than to bring itself into disrepute. The very idea is unspeakable.

They argue it is a costly body that adds no value. How do we think an elected Senate could change the current legislative dynamic in Ottawa? What seems generous and accommodating in one era becomes suffocating and restrictive in another.

Congress is an example of unending paralysis that spurs economic and political instability. First, no province has a Senate, so why does Ottawa need one? Liberal Senate leader James Cowan said the indecisions are just more proof that the government hurried through the suspensions to solve the scandal and the government has been merely making decisions up as they go along.

But one could also describe it in more modern terms as a kind of early computer program, one that switches on a processor, powers it up, and then orders it to perform certain Abolish the senate essay tasks.

But as the number of states has grown and population disparities have widened, the guarantees have only grown more ironclad.

The big question remains what to do with the Senate. This makes intuitive, if disappointing, sense. We can examine limiting Senators term, where it needs to be long enough for them to maintain independence and gather experience but not too long where complacency could set in.

Where it was once conceived as a forum for providing scrutiny and financial oversight of government business, the rise of public watchdogs such as the auditor general and the Parliamentary Budget Office has entirely supplanted this role. In taking tentative steps towards constitutional reform, our leaders must be reminded that the Constitution belongs directly to the people of Canada, not to the federal and provincial governments.

And since only white male property owners were allowed to vote — with only a quarter actually choosing to do so — those contests hardly qualify as a democratic. Yet the problem can only grow worse.

Should Canada Elect, Abolish or Reform the Senate?

Of course the Senate has long had a reputation for cronyism. Consider the legal troubles of Patrick Brazeau, recently charged with assault and sexual assault.

For one thing, the western provinces are seriously underrepresented in it.

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An elected Senate will gain power and legitimacy that will cause it to compete with the House of Commons. Inthe Conservative government asked the Supreme Court for guidance on the constitutionality of certain reforms, such as term limits or electing senators.

He stands exposed as a deceiver and manipulator. So here is a simple message for our politicians, whatever their political stripe: Senators are divided by various provinces biased on how long they have been a part of Canada, meaning Quebec and Ontario each get 24 senators, and the rest of the provinces have anywhere from 1 to The Senate will be more racist as a consequence, more unrepresentative, and more of a plaything in the hands of the militant right.

Yet it was only last month, with the Senate rocked by a string of scandals, that Harper went to the trouble of asking the Supreme Court for an opinion on the obvious constitutional problems associated with his proposed changes. The people deserve to elect a senate that they trust and who will make laws that benefit everyone as a whole.

Reform or Abolish the Senate? The Choice Should Be Ours

But that was wrong then and even more wrong now. Citizens should be able to vote for these representatives, taking the decision away from the Prime Minister. Provincial legislation has more direct impact on our lives — from education to traffic laws — than what happens in Ottawa. Americans have not had a chance to vote on the Constitution as a whole since the ratification battles of —8.

Biased on the recent scandal and unmistakably there needs to be more accountability, which could be achieved through transparency. Canadian citizens should be able to see where their tax dollars are being spent. Their pay should be reduced unless these people are working days of the year.

Is there a way out of this trap of hypocrisy? Here are the three options. Does this mean that we ignore the real problems in the Senate? There are citizen of this country working for every dollar they have and for every tax dollar misused is like a slap in the face.

It is true that our anachronistic constitutional amending formula consists of a purely intergovernmental mechanism that was out of sync with the times even as it was first introduced into the Constitution in The Need to Reform or Abolish The Electoral College Essay; The vote then went to the Senate, where Johnson was finally elected as Vice President.

The election came dangerously close to being soiled by the bigoted Virginia electors, but thankfully all was set right by the Senate under the provisions of More about The Need to Reform or. I need an 8 page argumentative essay about whether or not Canada should abolish the Senate. (Canadian Politics) Your essay must include a meaningful and well-informed: review of the critical events and ideas necessary to understand the issue; exploration of both perspectives on the issue; and defense of a particular position on the issue.

Making the Senate more like the House by abolishing the filibuster will not do much to help that problem, because more legislation will not halt the slide of power down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Abolish the senate.

Abolish the Senate instead of trying to reform it

Yes I agree that we should abolish the Canadian senate because after a budget boost from Stephen Harper the Canadian senate will cost Canadians $88 this year. This will take annual taxes of over garage families to pay the senate's tabs.

Keep, reform or abolish: What to do about the Senate

The average senator worked only 72 days last year that Is barely 3 months of of With Republican Senate victories in Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, and West Virginia, Democrats are reeling from their worst political drubbing in decades.

Things, the pundit class proclaims, will never be the same. Abolish Senate  Assignment 3 The Canadian Senate By: Courtney Marie Lester. What role does the Senate play in terms of Canadian democracy, and in light of that role, should the Senate be retained .

Abolish the senate essay
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