Blunt trauma in pregnancy essay

Fetal distress may be the first sign of maternal compromise and fetal distress, and to identify possible placenta abruption. This fetus did not survive. The nurse must also recognize that significant blood loss can occur in the uterine wall or retro peritoneal space without external bleeding.

Regardless of the severity of injury all pregnant women should be evaluated in a medical setting. The lap belt should be placed under the gravid abdomen, snugly over the thighs, with the shoulder harness off to the side of the uterus, between the breasts and over the midline of the clavicle.

Because current management does little to affect mortality, prevention is key to increasing maternal and fetal survival. Because of the physiological and anatomical changes in pregnancy.

Penetrating and Blunt Abdominal Trauma - Essay Example

During labor, levels as high as 25, per cubic millimeter may occur. Are commonly used thresholds of viability. All pregnant trauma patients should receive supplemental oxygen, because the fetus is extremely sensitive to hypoxia and because the oxygen reserve is significantly diminished in the pregnant patient.

To maximize uterine perfusion and oxygenation to the fetus supplemental oxygen and IV fluids are administered and continued until, hypoxia, and fetal Blunt trauma in pregnancy essay resolve.

Amniocentesis can be used to make the ultimate diagnosis in desperate situations. Paramedic personnel are often the Rupture of amniotic membranes can lead to, preterm labor, and cord prolapse. Proper seat belt use is the most significant modifiable factor in decreasing maternal and fetal injury and mortality after motor vehicle crashes.

Tenses abdomen with uterine hypotoniaMaternal hypertension or hypotension Ultrasonographic evidence of abruption Fetal distress is the most reliable indicator of active or impending abruption. Inspect for ecchymosis, especially across the lower abdomen, which may indicate a possible seatbelt injury.

The accuracy of ultrasonography greatly depends on operator experience and maternal body habitus. Incarcerated pregnant women and women with young children can receive intensive, gender-responsive, Uterine circulation has no auto-regulation system, uterine blood flow is directly related to maternal blood pressure.

Prenatal care must include three-point seat belt instruction. Rhesus factor Rh status should be determined. Possible left axis deviation with flattened T waves,and possibly Q waves.

This test is used to detect fetal-to-maternal hemorrhage.

Blunt Trauma In Pregnancy

After 12 weeks of gestation, the maternal uterus and bladder are no longer exclusively pelvic organs and are more susceptible to direct injury.

In matrilineal and matrilocal societies, women had considerable power because property, housing, land, and tools Good resources for adverse effects of medications in pregnancy are available. Blood is everywhere and his skin looks as if it Palpate for uterine contractions or tenderness.

Only viable fetuses are monitored, because no obstetric intervention will alter the outcome of a pre-viable fetus. Pregnancy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Decreased gastric emptying, decreased motility, increased risk of aspiration Musculoskeletal system Widened symphysis pubis and sacroiliac joints, which may lead to misreading of radiologic studies Diaphragm Higher position in pregnancy; consequently, chest tubes would need to be placed one or two interspaces higher.

Tetanus toxoid should be given as indicated. There were no fetal survivors in a series of pregnant trauma patients with initially absent fetal heart tones. For a trauma patients especially one whose injuries are serious-time must not be wasted Maternal pelvic fractures, particularly in late pregnancy, are associated with bladder injury, urethral injury, retro peritoneal bleeding, and fetal skull fracture.

Laboratory Studies After trauma occurs in a pregnant woman, the complete blood count, blood type, and Rhesus factor Rh status should be determined. In Rh-negative pregnant women, administration of Rho D immune globulin Rho-GAM is unnecessary after insignificant superficial injury confined to an extremity.

She must be aware of these changes, and how they can mask or mimic injury, and very importantly that fetal distress or loss can occur even when the mother has incurred no abdominal injuries.

Although motor vehicle crashes are responsible for most severe maternal injuries and fetal losses form trauma, pregnant women have low rates of seat belt use. After any other trauma, the immune globulin should be administered within 72 hours to all Rh-negative women, including those who are at less than 12 weeks of gestation and those who have minimal injuries.

If the patient must lay supine, place a small pillow under one hip — this will tilt the uterus off the inferior vena cava.Penetrating and Blunt 3 population discussed in this journal is the patients with abdominal trauma.

Most, if not all of the cases in this journal were emergency or acute cases. I think that among the strengths.

Blunt Trauma in Pregnancy

Blunt Trauma in Pregnancy AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS Trauma affects % of pregnancies in the U.S. 60 - 67% related to automobile accidents. Fetal mortality after maternal blunt trauma is 34 - 38%.

The two major causes of fetal death after maternal blunt trauma. Trauma is the most common cause of nonobstetric death among pregnant women in the United States. Motor vehicle crashes, domestic violence, and falls are the most common causes of. Start studying OB-GYN: Trauma in Pregnancy.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Blunt traumatic injury during pregnancy: a descriptive analysis from a level 1 trauma center 1 trimester.

The main mechanism of injury was MVCs. BLUNT TRAUMA IN PREGNANCY AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS Trauma affects % of pregnancies in the U. S. 60 – 67% related to automobile accidents. Fetal mortality after maternal blunt trauma is 34 – 38%.

The two major causes of fetal death after maternal blunt trauma are: Maternal shock / death, and placental abruption.

Blunt trauma in pregnancy essay
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