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Development of new recruitment program: Interviewer should provide them the real life situations at the time of interview for the better understanding of their ability to cope up with the dissatisfied customers and getting the result in win-win situation for both the organization and customer.

Moreover, this could only be possible if the company hire people from the industry who have the necessary skills and the training will also be provided to the existing sales force team.

InCompany A set a new course and established new goals. Company A has been in business for 45 years and has increased sales and profits every year of its existence. This is just a sample partical work. This would bring better strategic results and more creativity and innovation by supporting the ideas from young people and refining it to reach towards a better idea for the fulfilment of different objectives of the company for sustaining its labour force without having a fear of losing them by the attractive packages by its competitors.

The Action Selling training paid for itself, in the form of increased net profit, in Case analysis sales force training at days. Those results sound astonishing, but they actually are not unusual for companies that adopt the Action Selling system.

The major issue of the company was its inability to retain employees and sales force team after investing on them through the intensive training programs.

Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (B) HBS Case Analysis

They would have the necessary skillset required for the job and would be goal oriented because they will be having the abilities to become a leader by taking initiatives themselves without having fear of losing directions or getting warnings from managers like Theory X workers.

I would support the development of a new recruiting program by hiring young blood and test their analytical skills through different personality tests. Moreover, the company can achieve the set targets and retain its customers by launching a scheme or contractual based hiring, in which the company will train its sales force and they will have to serve the office for at least 6 months or one year……….

However, the change can take place by telling them the benefits of the change process and unfreezing their current situation and movement and afterwards refreezing them so that they do not go back to their old practices and bring better results for the organization and their professional growth and development.

In other words, Company A was very typical of large distributors in any industry.

Case Analysis: Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics

The only way to do it was not to sell different things but to sell differently, period. In recent years internal growth has been very modest-about 1.

It has 18, employees, of whom more than 1, are outside salespeople or sales managers.

Sales Training Case Study

The goal established was to double the current growth rate-to achieve a rate twice as high as the industry standard. Factors such as new advertising campaigns, seasonal variations, or upswings in the general market had nothing to do with it.

The salesforce would be provided the techniques to manage the customers as well as the operations of the company with better communication and coordination among different departments for the better performance and achieving the objectives of the company effectively and efficiently.

Company had a first mover advantage by hiring its sales force team from the college and recruiting those students who were very good at intellectual skills and fall under the category of theory Y workers. Competitors sell the same products A does, and A found it very difficult to differentiate itself from the pack-to give customers a compelling reason to buy from A rather than from the competition.

Company A identified the Business Objectives it wanted to achieve, the Skills Objectives that would be required to meet those goals, and the Learning Objectives that would ensure the skills were not just learned but also used on the job.

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Company A could not meet that goal by adding new product lines, since the same products were available to its competitors.

Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (B) Case Solution

This was happening because of the better salary packages offered by its competitors. They will love to take risks for achieving bigger. The competitive advantage of the company would be to hire fresh graduates and provide training in accordance with their requirements and customer needs through motivating itsstaff and attracting them through different packages.Home» Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (B) Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (B) HBS Case Analysis This entry was posted in Harvard Case Study Analysis Solutions on by Case.

Case analysis: Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics Executive Summary – This case focuses on the training given to the fresh, out- of- college sales people at Arrow Electronics and the reasons on why the training programme failed to have the intended effect.

Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (A) Case Solution,Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (A) Case Analysis, Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (A) Case Study Solution, In the mids, Arrow, the largest distributor of electronics in the world, has implemented a program to work college recruiting salespeople.

Sales force automation and CRM. Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Configure, price, quote (CPQ) and billing automation Help and Training Documentation Knowledge Base Midmarket, Retail, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Platform. A career sales force that the company hires, trains, supervises, and compensates likely will be more loyal than an independent sales force.

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Sales Force Training At Arrow Electronics Case Solution & Answer

Salesforce enables people in the sales role to track their sales, reach out to customers to solve sales /5().

Case analysis sales force training at
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