Current ni legislation guidance for safeguarding

Child protection system in England

This is a framework for joint investigative working between the police and social workers HSCB, The judge will decide how long the interim care order will last and how often it will be reviewed. Below are listed the variations of the policy throughout the UK. Emergency protection order, child assessment order, interim care order or supervision order.

The Sex Offenders Act — Requires sex offenders to have their names and addresses added to the sex offenders register. Hire Writer It introduced the concept of parental responsibility. The London Diplomatic list contains the addresses and contact details of all Embassies and High Commissions in London.

The Sexual Offences Act — This was introduced to update the legislation relating to offences against children.

A core group is set up of family members and professionals. By vulnerable the Charity Commission means children or young people under 18 years of age or adults who are in receipt of a regulated activity endnote. This allows a child to be placed with prospective adopters prior to an adoption order, if the Current ni legislation guidance for safeguarding authority believes this is the best option for the child.

Child protection procedures and systems Procedures and systems provide clear step-by-step guidance on what to do in different circumstances and they clarify roles and responsibilities.

It included the offences of grooming, abuse of position of trust and trafficking. Trustees are expected to find out what the relevant law is, how it applies to their organisation, and to comply with it where appropriate. The police are able to remove the child in an emergency but this is only done in exceptional circumstances.


It may also take place where there are concerns about an unborn child. Rehabilitation aims to return the child to their birth family, while placements offer options for fostering or adoption.

Schools have a duty of care to enable pupils to use on-line systems safely. Charity trustees are responsible for ensuring that those benefiting from, or working with, their charity, are not harmed in any way through contact with it.

The Education Act — This was introduced to ensure that a schools governing body and LEA make arrangements for the safeguarding and welfare of children. Assessing the risk of significant harm If information gathered during an assessment suggests that a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, the local authority should hold a strategy discussion to enable it to decide, with other agencies, whether it must undertake a section 47 enquiry.

In England, this must happen within 15 working days of the strategy discussion. Child protection conferences A child protection conference is held if a child is assessed as being at risk of significant harm.

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Interim care order At the initial hearing the court may decide that an interim care order is needed to set out what should happen to the child during proceedings.

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Safeguarding children and young people

A pathway assessment will be carried out to give an in-depth assessment of their needs provide time-limited intervention. The DBS decides who is unsuitable to work or volunteer with vulnerable groups and it is illegal for a barred person to apply for such work paid or voluntaryor for a charity to employ a barred person in such work.

Interim care order At the initial hearing the court may decide that an interim care order is needed to set out what should happen to the child during proceedings. Two guidance documents are available to help professionals to identify children that may be at risks and the steps to take to help prevent this occurring.

Courts only make adoption orders following extensive enquiries, based on the best interest of the child.

The following action can be taken through the courts:Current NI legislation, guidance for safeguarding children (CYP AC) procedures within Northern Ireland affecting the safeguarding of children and young people.

Child Protection System in Northern Ireland

• Children (Northern Ireland) Order This is the principal statute governing the care, upbringing and protection of children in Northern Ireland.

/ Identify the Current Legislation, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People, Including E-Safety. Safeguarding is about protecting children and adults from abuse or neglect and educating Supplementary guidance to safeguarding Northern Ireland.

Identify the current legislations, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people including e-safety.

Legislation covering child protection can be divided into two main categories: civil law and criminal law. The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland was established by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in in recognition of the fact that children are more likely to be protected when agencies work in an all-inclusive, coordinated and consistent way.

For current, legislation and resources see Find out more about procedures and protocols across Wales from the All Wales Child Protection Procedures Review Group. Safeguarding children: Working together under the Children Act is particularly helpful.

Current ni legislation guidance for safeguarding
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