Fe nix del sur case analysis

They also provide subscription based and self service solutions where customers can maintain their own eLearning courses and content. En Ghani was informed that one of the reasons for the increase in cost was because of the current purchasing system that contributes to redundant purchasing and high inventory holding costs.

They can design and develop customized eLearning solutions for customers based on their specific needs. They have an aggressive strategy to take advantage of the consolidating eLearning market and become a "one-stop" provider of all eLearning services for their clients.

Intellinex has also acquired Teach. Average Collection Period Debtor The shorter the period to collect payment from debtors, the more efficient the company is in handling their debtors. Walsh 2 Intellinex was able to take advantage of this change.

They found that it was less expensive to train them online than to fly them to training centers for multiple courses. At its inception Intellinex claimed to be one of the largest eLearning providers. They can better do this by keeping their own tabs on the raw materials market.

Products and Services Details and Evaluation Intellinex is a provider of a variety of eLearning solutions. What they need actually do is to pressure suppliers to keep prices low when the cost of raw materials decreases.

Operating Profit Margin When the company shows higher operating profit margin ratio, it indicates that the company is profitable. The new system must be able to reduce costs, enhance control and provide easy management of users and services in qualitative and quantitative ways.

They actually specialize in setting up a system very similar to that of a traditional eLearning provider. Their focus was providing customized training for clients through satellite, desktop web casting, streaming video, and web-based courses.

En Ghani assigned Siti Aminah on the special task instead of the senior Chief Production Officer and she did not have any experience in system and technology.

Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study

The system that Intellinex would set up is very different than one of a traditional eLearning provider. For becoming years they need to make an agreement with their suppliers to prevent raw material price increase.

It means that the company can manage their cost of sales. Based on the calculation, PCI current year shows an improvement from the previous year. Howell 3 Intellinex has partnered with Doing Business Globally, an online learning solutions provider that has off the shelf content.

En Ghani requested a formal report on current purchasing system and suggestion for a new system before the next management meeting which would be in two weeks time.

Their website is very well designed and displays a professional quality of work. This is because, the current situation did not incurred too much damage to the company, the company still can sustain even though they have to buy the raw materials in higher price.

They have experience in "instructional design and development, multimedia, leadership, development, measurement, performance consulting, and strategy development," www.

When viewing the files, they provide screen captures that guide you through the potential of their eLearning solution. They can be downloaded in multiple zipped files and viewed from a computer.

Tell us what you need to have done now! They provide free demos of their software. By building alliances in the information technology eLearning sector rather than developing their own programs they can focus on the non-IT training accounts.

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PCI gross profit margin in is higher than PCI is not the only company that have problem in purchasing their raw materials but all the purchasing departments across the industry experienced similar dilemma.

Their main dilemma included establishing and maintaining profitable supplier relationships, confronting the problem of price increases and ensuring supply quantity.

Their focus is on creating customized training for clients and helping them to implement and maintain their on-line courses. Ernst and Young will continue to use Intellinex for internal training through a third party agreement. The rate of increase in costs of goods sold had been disproportionate with growth of sales.

Intellinex started with more than employees and five major locations. For becoming years, operating expenses in terms of administrative and selling expenses need to be avoided from getting increase to maintain the profit.Read the Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study on pages in our textbook, and answer the five questions listed below in essay format.

Your response should be a minimum of words. You are required to use. Read the Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study on pages in our textbook, and answer the five questions listed below in essay format.

Your response should be a minimum of words. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and [ ]. Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study (Solved) March 03, Read the Fe nix Del Sur Case Study on pages in our textbook, and answer the.

Use the DECIDE process to evaluate one of the decisions Fe’nix Del Sur is faced with. 2. What are the four analytical categories to examine when formulating a case analysis?

UNIT II. Read the Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study on pages in our textbook, and answer the five questions listed below in essay. format. Your response should be.

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Fe nix del sur case analysis
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