Fliptop battle the modern balagtasan

Other Researchers — the study will serve as their reference encouraging them to research on different issues concerning cultural problems that needs a corresponding action and a guide for their studies and related purposes. The researcher wants to know the influence it to the high school students.

Different versions of Balagtasan pop-up in every regions of the language, as well as adopted language like English and Spanish. Attitudinal responses were measured and additional comments were encouraged throughout.

The related literature reviewed helped the researchers on finding necessary information relevant to the present study, including the concrete definition of Balagtasan. The Modern Balagtasan and the Conventional Balagtasan? It deals with revitalization of radical, social and cultural criticism.

Eight of the ten respondents for the question as to which is more entertaining and enjoyable to the audience answered that fliptop is more entertaining and enjoyable to the audience because with every sharp line delivered, the crowd cheers, prompting to shush the crowd; the emcee urges the crowd to make noises.

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One group, Squatter House, commanded the crowd with very-familiar lyrics. As I already mentioned, Filipino poets during the American period wrote columns in verse where, like editors and columnists today, they expressed their opinions about current events and issues. As compared to the others, Fliptop gain more popularity to the world due to its Filipino touch of culture and humor plus the fact that Filipinos are scattered all over the world!

In society, history is part of culture; failure to preserve cultural heritages will lead to overlooking. While in fliptop, fierce words need to be matched with rap battle league putting two emcees in a match to have them insult each other with the cleverest punch lines and sharpest facial expressions.

In this regard the researchers were inspired by this study because no one has yet conducted a research about the Fliptop Battle as the Modern Balagtasan considering that is new in the present society which has a great bearing and significance to the society as whole.

Aside from being oppressively crowded and hot, the event was incredibly successful, fueled by the eager energy from a mostly young male crowd. Between battles, local emcees performed songs, many which the crowd knew. The rest is history. You see, this is the only place where you will see people wanting for more over time!

Only two of the respondents saw balagtasan in the internet.

FlipTop Battle League

The choice of topics and the arguments advanced in the Balagtasan were used to project the main political agenda of Balagtasismo. All of the respondents for the question as to where do you hear the filptop and balagtasan. It shall consist of a list of specific questions and the interviewer does not deviate from the list or inject any extra remarks into the interview process.

To transmit to the young generation the value of friendly debate via poetry. And those direct, powerful and vivid emotions help to sharpen the sincerity of emotions, which is one of the most valuable elements of creative work, the unexpected quality of spontaneous eruptions of feeling. It should be emphasized however that the Balagtasan also served a higher social and political function.

Fliptop Battle: the Modern Balagtasan Essay

He proved Balagtasan as a form of literature that has vital role in traditions which is culture to the Filipinos. This study also recommends to the parents and teachers to limit the use of computer through social media especially the internet.

It has preoccupied itself with the preservation of Filipino heritage — old values, folklore, customs and traditions — as a means to strengthen the moral fiber of the people against the modern but corrupting American influences.

And its specific objectives are the following; 1. The Balagtasan is limited to three roles and a maximum length of one hour. As a literary form, the Balagtasan is essentially traditional; it contains elements which explain why the traditional remains contemporary and popular.

Influence of the Pinoy Rap Battle “Fliptop” and Balagtasan to High School Students Essay Sample

The respondents said that fliptop is the trend today, it is also the modern form of balagtasan, and it also helps them to have confidence in life.Moved Permanently.

The document has moved here. Is FlipTop the modern-day Balagtasan? | Lifestyle | GMA News Online. Sections; On TV. Fliptop Battle as the modern Balagtasan is the focus of this study. Analyzing and critiquing is the main purpose of this research paper.

Specifically, this study sought why Fliptop Battle dubbed as Balagtasan of modern day. The merit of Fliptop Battle is to educate the masses on both hip-hop and dying culture in the Philippines which is the Balagtasan especially on the promotion of social awareness.3 In the documentary film done by Motorcycle Diaries of GMA News TV, Jay Taruc presented facts about the Fliptop Battle considered as the Balagtasan of the modern.

I disagree that Balagtasan – the Filipino art of publicly arguing in extemporaneous, scaled and rhymed poetry manner – is dead! There is a new form of modern day Pinoy poetry emerging nowadays called FlipTop (Filipino Rap Battle League).

The partakers are young street-smart dudes who can be. Influence of the Pinoy Rap Battle “Fliptop” and Balagtasan to High School Students Essay Sample.

Most of the respondents agreed that fliptop is a modern balagtasan but in some cases there were effects to their behavior.

The respondents said that they learn to use strong, indecent and trash words and most of the time using bad phrases.

FlipTop: The Modern Day Balagtasan

Fliptop Battle: the Modern Balagtasan Essay Similar to the Fliptop Battle of contemporary period, this were fought by two different “Makata”, has a moderator, and has jurors that will decide whether who among the two excelled. 6 Balagtasan is a prominent type of literature from the time when is was discovered in until the.

Fliptop battle the modern balagtasan
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