Holland theory and application essay

Realistic Likes to work with animals, tools, or machines; generally avoids social activities like teaching, healing, and informing others; Has good skills in working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, or plants and animals; Values practical Holland theory and application essay you can see, touch, and use like plants and animals, tools, equipment, or machines; and Sees self as practical, mechanical, and realistic.

By having knowledge of Holland theory and his types and code match through counselor I am able to get a client to find their career goals on their own without test. They will belong to clubs, write letters, attend sports events, go to parties, help others with personal problems, and like to meet new people.

Holland's and Super's Theory - Essay Example

These clients readily enjoy scientific books, lab work, chemistry, math puzzles, and normally take several classes in physics, math, and biology.

There are six basic types of work environments: They easily sell, influence others, give pep talks, meet important people, and discuss politics.

This good match is called "congruent" meaning compatible, in agreement or harmony. They may have done bookkeeping, operated business machines, written business letters, or maintain neat records and files.

The Holland theory is the best known and most widely researched theory on this topic. People search for environments where they can use their skills and abilities and express their values and attitudes.

The advantage of this assessment is that it is intended for the college or adult setting. How you act and feel at work depends to a large extent on your workplace or school environment. For example, when Artistic persons are together on a job, they create a work environment that rewards creative thinking and behavior -- an Artistic environment.

The characteristics of each of these are described below: Take the valid Career Key test to find out which ones you are most like and the careers and college majors that fit you best.

Holland's Theory of Career Choice and You

How to cite this page Choose cite format: For example, Investigative types search for Investigative environments; Artistic types look for Artistic environments, and so forth. People who choose to work in an environment similar to their personality type are more likely to be successful and satisfied.

I agree with his theory that if a client is not using the skills or interests that they enjoy that will have poor performance.

Holland Theory and Application Essay

Along with the assessment are several tools for educators and students alike. They have the ability to file correspondence, work in office setting, type 40 words per minute, use shorthand, post credits and debits, and keep accurate records.

On the table below, you see that your most compatible work environment is Realistic, a congruent match.

In our culture, most people are one of six personality types: If you are working with people who have a personality type like yours, you will be able to do many of the things they can do, and you will feel most comfortable with them.

They occupation that my client would be good at may not have openings or worse the Navy does not have it, so I try help them compromise with community service or college course that would satisfy their needs.

For example, Artistic people are more likely to be successful and satisfied if they choose a job that has an Artistic environment, like choosing to be a dance teacher in a dancing school -- an environment "dominated" by Artistic type people where creative abilities and expression are highly valued.Free Essay: Holland & John Krumboltz's have made enormous strides Application of career theories to my own life More about Analyzing John Holland's Theory.

Holland Theory and Application Essay. Psychology for his vocational theory (Gottfredson & Johnstun, ).

Holland's Six Personality Types

He established his theory of matching people to vocations in the world of work. We will write a custom essay sample on Holland Theory and Application specifically for you for only $ $/page. Evaluating Career Theory and Application Essay examples. Length: words ( double Holland’s Theory of Careers states that one’s vocation is an.

 Application of Theories and Philosophy to Practice Theory & Method of Educating Adults ED - Section 2 Dr. Leone Snyder September 13, Tangia Miller Attala Road # French Camp, MS. Using the theory it is possible to single out what Roise is good at. She seems to have a natural liking to photography and illustration work.

Therefore she ca.

Holland theory and application essay
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