Learning patterns essay

It works well with Part-time students and students who are studying during the summer period and the evening class programmes. I became aware of possible reasons underlying learner difficulties such as the learner who does not score high in Sequence and is required to put ideas in the right order in writing a narrative; or the learner who has high Precision and has to wait for the end of the process in order to get feedback from the teacher.

First and foremost, it has shed a light upon my personality, making me realise that I am such a perfectionist and I expect so much out of myself, not because there is something wrong with me, as I often thought, but that its mainly due to my learning patterns. The Sequential Pattern This pattern seeks order and consistency.

The Let Me Learn experience Learning patterns essay helped me a great deal in my personal life, and the way I deal with others. This fact has, however rendered some students hard time in studying and answering their assignments.

With a large team of writers, we are able to handle several class assignments of the same class by different students. He likes to know that he is right and he enjoys researching information to certain things that he is interested in online. My highest learning patterns are Technical and Confluent.

The system as it was till the tertiary level left a negative impact on me but when I entered into Junior College and University I noticed that I was given more chance to express my ideas, invent and create things for several assignments that I was given. LML has also equipped me with knowledge of how to group members of staff for specific tasks for improved group dynamics and efficiency.

I was introduced to the four learning patterns and I immediately began to comprehend myself better as a person and as a learner. Now that I have some knowledge about the learning patterns I can better understand my approach in class. When teaching with this approach many students will be left behind, especially those students who have different learning patterns from the teacher.

We offer fulltime writing services help to such students across world international universities. Many students who have confidently trusted us with their student portals have excelled with Grade As.

With the insight that I gained with the LML course I feel I can be of better service to members of staff in supporting them by suggesting ways forging, intensifying or tethering their individual patterns to be able to cope with the different demands of their work. So, do not fear about any similarity, for it will not be there at all.

He usually jumps into a project without all the information needed to complette it. I ask for instructions. Between one lesson and another, we always discuss which puppet should come out next.

Here, you do not need to attend to your classes.For example, sometimes I give essays as homework, where students that look for Precision will do well in them but sometimes students have to build a model or present a chart and they are assessed for creativity, research and the information given by them.

This means that the four learning patterns exist in all of us to some degree. The. [tags: Essays on Learning] Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview.

Law Assignment-Critical Reading, Writing, and Your Learning Patterns

Learning How to Learn - Learning How to Learn There are four characteristics to Kolb’s learning style. Too many students are focused on the final grade received on an assignment rather than identifying and learning from the patterns of their mistakes.

I believe that. Pattern Explanation It’s important to note that even though individuals may favor one Learning Pattern more than another, everyone uses their Learning Patterns together to varying degrees. More importantly, only knowing about the patterns won’t help you.

Learning Patterns Essay

Pattern Combination Identify the type of learner you are in the box Dynamic Learner. Sequence Precision Technical Reasoning Confluence Record your LCI scores in the boxes provided. Learning Patterns Essay Sample. I have chosen my fiance as the person to analize in this discussion.

My fiance and I don’t always understand things the same way. When I was reading the four stories from the learners in chapter three, I noticed that each of them used different patterns to write their papers.

Learning patterns essay
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