Managing the virus hunters case application

What Managers can learn from this Case? His ability to understand problems and challenges, and tackle them in the best way possible will surely be rewarded with a team that puts all its effort into their work, and do their jobs with responsibility and dedication.

What can you tell about its emphasis on customer service and innovation? Symantec has a very user-friendly website and gives a lot of emphasis on customer service. They have a new requirement every hour and have new viruses emerging all the time.

The frontline analysts had to continuously work for two straight weeks to fight the cause and effect which was caused by the worm and the virus which were made from it.

One of the most important lessons for other managers which can be taken from Vincent Weafer is that no matter how complex, stressful, or chaotic of an environment you work in, your managerial roles are always equally important.

Your employees will always be looking up to you for everything, ranging from technical help, Managing the virus hunters case application motivational support and trust.

New viruses mean new analyses of each viruses and all the time spent in figuring out the cure for the virus, that virus could be out there infecting other users and customers.

Even the dynamic unpredictable environment gives the manager the challenge of not being able to predict what may happen next. This particular worm and the damage it created, helped the organization realise how talented their team of virus killers needed to be since there was already a burn out seen in their employees.

Symantec focuses on thinking up of new ideas which would help make the experience of their customers even better.

Managing the Virus Hunters

The work is not only challenging and quite chaotic and front and ranges over the whole globe. To tackle these problems, Mr. With the trust of his team members, he should coach and mentor them to be the best.

Weafer is seeking internal and external information, to better understand the organization and environment. Weafer will be transmitting security information to and from coworkers around the globe.

Managing the Virus Hunters Essay

The others are also assigned to make new tools which will provide assistance to fellow colleagues in the process of battling these new emerging threats. The manager must be knowledgeable, communicative, and trust worthy to lead a professional team and keep them motivated.

Summary of the Case: The team of the response centre comprise of hundred and the managers route these people who were present in the early position of the lines where they are given the responsibility to respond to the current and new threats that, light arise, into individual groups, so they can prove their help in developing new products.

The ability to interact effectively with his team members, both individually and in groups, is essential for a well-communicated and well-coordinated team. Weafer has to be good with human skills.

Others are responsible for writing the research papers. There is no more point in trying to put an end to the bad deed, but it is important to chase the bad people now. With best possible effort from him in these skills, his team will reward him with being motivated and being professional.

We must not limit it to within ourselves only, but look at the outside environment too! This will ultimately become the cause of demotivation among the virus-hunters; when they see the person in charge has no idea of what work his team is doing, and they will start working at a lower quality because they will be able to get away with it.

His ability to think and conceptualize abstract and complex situations will define how well his team succeeds.

He should think creatively, look into abstract information, and develop innovative ideas and models to motivate his team. Because this was no imagination for them, but hard core reality. In what ways does the organization support its employees in servicing customers and in being innovative?

Thus they have introduced their new Norton security System and have asked people to join in a particular program which will collect data regarding attempted intrusions to computer and forward it all to the authorities.

Weafer can surely be a very effective and efficient manager. The stressful and chaotic work can easily demotivate the workers, and have them feel fed-up of this routinely stressful job. Thus they have never ending work under their wing and once they get finished in Santa Monica, thus being continued by people from Tokyo.

Symantec uses this strategy to innovate their already existing ideas and plans, with ideas and concepts from the outside environment. This is something which did not have to be imagined by the virus at Symantec Corporation. It might seem that their situation is unique, but the truth is the company is responsible for making network and content security for both the businesses and the customers which shows or reflects all the realities, these organizations are facing daily: Technical and human skills are not enough to be an effective manager; Vincent Weafer needs to have good conceptual skills too.

He should give priority to the learning and understanding how the world of computer viruses work; how they are made, how they function, and how they are cured and get rid of.

Weafer needs to be. If Vincent Weafer knows everything his team is doing, it will help keep his team at a professional level.

These viruses are the most important concern for the teams at Symantec, as the sole purpose of most of these viruses is to steal information from those infected, be it personal or corporate data.

In an environment of the sort Mr.Managing the Virus Hunters Case: Managing the Virus Hunters Introduction: Symantec Corp. is a security software company, best known for its Norton antivirus. Founded in by Gary Hendrix, it is the market leader in security software.

View Homework Help - CASE APPLICATION 2 The Virus Hunters from ECONOMICS ECO at University of Phoenix. CASE APPLICATION 2 The Virus Hunters Imagine what life would be like if your product were never. CASE APPLICATION: Managing the Virus Hunters Imagine what life would be like if your product were never finished, if your work were never done, if your market shifted 30 times a day.

The computer-virus hunters at Symantec Corp. don't have to imagine. That's the reality of their daily work life. Case Application 2 The Virus Hunters The Virus Hunters Can you imagine how it would be if you could never finish your products, your work was incomplete and there was a. THE VIRUS HUNTERS Case Application of Chapter 11 Symantec Corp.

Background - An American global computer security software corporation headquartered in Mountain View, California - Founded in by visionary computer scientists.

Case Application 2 The Virus Hunters

We will write a custom essay sample on Managing the Virus Hunters specifically for you C. in this case he is engaging and connecting to his employees by reminding them to kept focused n the company’s commitment to the customer and this king of activities done by Vincent can be classified as interpersonal roles because he interact and.

Managing the virus hunters case application
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