Maths homework help secondary school

Types of homework your child may receive in secondary school include: Secondly, it acts as a refresher course for you, so you can revisit each topic and understand just what your child is learning during class time. The Threebooster and Fourbooster packs all have an emphasis on learning and game playing to consolidate skills, while other packs have a more exam-based style.

Supporting your child at secondary school

Encourage them to share their favourite clips with other members of the family. Teachers or support staff are on hand to help, which can be a particular benefit for children who struggle with homework. So what can teachers do to help parents to support their teenagers in maths at home?

Reviews I have not come across any other maths homework system where students would voluntarily come in at lunchtime, to not only do their online homework, but in many cases redo tasks in order to achieve better results.

Boosters Each Booster Pack offers a stand-alone block of work targeted at specific achievement boundaries.

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Firstly, it collates the main topics your child will need to know. Games are also a fantastic way of making maths practice painless — set these for homework and encourage your students to teach their parents how to play.

About an hour to an hour and a half is usual in Years 7 and 8, rising to two to three hours in Years 10 and Max Caley, Longley Park School MyMaths has transformed both the way we teach and the way we assess, but most of all it has transformed the way students learn — all three for the better.

St Annes Catholic School. But your interest and input will still be important and will help your child to do well. Extension assignments Extension assignments encourage your child to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively.

This makes our Online Homeworks far more realistic and effective as students are continually challenged each time they attempt a task. Practice exercises Practice exercises give your child opportunities to apply new knowledge, or to review and reinforce recently learned skills.

Putting parents into the equation: maths homework ideas for teens

Look for opportunities to talk to your child about schoolwork - children enjoy sharing what they are learning. There are also helpful rules to remember, a jargon-busting guide to key maths language, plus tips and ideas to help your child continue their learning away from their text books.

Each guide as been compiled to ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips so you can quickly make sure your child has fully grasped and achieved each and every skill for their correct year group and using the same methods that they are taught rather than confusing them with the one you were taught at school!

As we use maths every day, it is also a vital skill for life. Direct your students to online resources that have a mathematical content - three maths channels that have an avid teenage following are Numberphile interesting short videos and clips about numbersVi Hart blog of mathemusician Vi Hart and Singingbanana where maths meets comedy.

For information on resources used by teachers and to access a range of websites to help your child with their homework, see: How to provide practical and learning support for your child at secondary school.In this section of the site you’ll find lots of information to help you teach your child good homework techniques, create a good homework / life balance, understand how much homework children get in each primary school year, support maths and English homework, and deal with homework headaches.

Rob Eastaway suggests some ways teachers can help parents to support teenagers with maths at home. Putting parents into the equation: maths homework ideas for teens In secondary school.

If you thought getting your child to do their primary school homework was tough, just wait till they get to secondary school!Homework is a major – and daily – part of secondary school life, and while your child will be expected to get it done independently, it’s still important for you to keep abreast of what they need to do.

Homework is an opportunity for you to help and be involved in your child’s learning.

The parents' guide to secondary school: homework

In secondary school, homework reinforces what they learn at school and encourages them to maintain lifelong study habits. List of maths websites for year old students, including games and activities and resources for teaches and parents.

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Designed to jump start Maths lessons.

Maths homework help secondary school
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