Motivating the generation y in the workplace

Determine legal requirements and tax liability. A range of research over the past several years also points more to the similarities between the generations than the differences.

Generation Y, Digital Generation, Echo Boomers Some observers refer to Millennials as the most educated6 and dedicated generation ever — that they will save the world from the mistakes their parents and grandparents made.

If the business has just announced its quarterly results to the city, I want to know. They prefer flexible schedules, health and fitness opportunities, entertainment venues and technology items. Those innovators who adapt and change to match their people win in business.

Today, Internet users receive pop-up ads that eerily resemble that what they were thinking about just minutes before based on analysis of their search and web browsing patterns in most cases. For them multi-tasking is natural, writes Kearny, and project managers need to recognize and utilize their abilities to the advantage of the companies for which they work.

The work that the employee on sabbatical would have done is handled by teammates who know in advance of the leave. As above, we know that all generations appreciate flexible work and the opportunity to give back to the community. Their continual connection to others worldwide has produced the first truly global generation.

Retirement planning and child or elder care is attractive to gen X or baby boomers but gen Y will take a pass. Childcare is expensive and with the current economic climate families are struggling to pay childcare costs required when the parent is in work.

With activities, make sure they run the full gamut, from surfing to shopping. If there is an opportunity to enrol on a training course the home worker would still want to know this. She might have been talking about baby boomers. Beyond gaining an understanding of the demographics of the workforce, should organizations manage and motivate workers and market to customers from the three generations differently to the extent of tailoring programs, products, services, rewards, incentives and work conditions in an attempt to better engage employees or consumers from the three different generations?

We always have to be mindful of our actions and stay open to listening to each other.

Generations in the Workforce & Marketplace: Preferences in Rewards, Recognition & Incentives

Offer optional activities that appeal to different generations. Whether the similarities and differences are significant enough to warrant special attention, however, is, again, the question with which organizations must grapple. Other ways to motivate this generation is through experiential rewards and badges such as those earned in gaming and opportunities for personal growth.

The key to becoming a successful home worker is organisation and having a daily completed tasks list aids this. However, no one—not even the most fervent believers in generational differences—suggests that every member within a generation is the same or similar in their behaviors, values and preferences.

The motivation for either course of action is broad, varied and subject to abrupt change under the right or wrong circumstances. Simply put because it removes the shackles companies like to have on employees.

Peer-to-Peer recognition platforms typically allow an employee to recognize colleagues, and managers to recognize employees. How did it work? Choice is what it is all about these days. Nor does the alternative approach—one based on life stages —offer a great deal more guidance to employers, or incentive program designers.

They want to work in an environment where they can collaborate with others. He proposed that generational influences might even be as strong as the socio- economic class in which a person is raised in its influence on that person.

In other words, the brochure or sleek corporate video may not cut it with many Xers, they might prefer the detailed product specifications and the raw YouTube video made by a regular employee or customer, for example.

For those working within an large corporate organisation they will be well accustomed to internal communications via email.When it comes to motivating employees, no two people are alike. An employee’s age provides a useful guide for what forms of recognition are most appropriate.

Here are the generation-specific rewards each group is most likely to appreciate. Generation Y (born or later) The youngest employees. s recruiting, retaining and motivating highly talented employees of all ages becomes ever more critical to an organization, managers have been empowered to attract, retain and develop multi-generational talent and to acquire the necessary skills to ensure corporate success.

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All leaders do. You can lie awake at night questioning yourself or you can read. It’s no surprise organisations are struggling to retain millennials as most are unaware of what generation y want for life. As thought leaders in all things Gen Y we know EXACTLY what they want from the workplace and we can help your business retain that key talent.

Generation Gaps

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Motivating the generation y in the workplace
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