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He recalls her name, Miss Dent, and greets her. Martin also states that his domestic woes and ego dived behavior which is fueled by what he perceives as people wronged him.

Tell her what I saw? Film, TV and theatrical adaptations[ edit ] The story has been adapted for the theatre and also appeared in this form on the radio. Or force him to divorce Louise. Should I call Louise as soon as I arrived home?

This review talks about the plot and about the character Blake. He stopped at a storefront and gazed in the window for a moment, until he notices the reflection of the woman standing near him on the sidewalk.

Blake is a middle aged businessman, most likely an executive, who works in New York City and commutes to the suburbs via the train. Characters[ edit ] Blake - The central character of the story. The letter addresses Blake as her husband, details dreams she had and touches on her time spent in the mental hospital.

Must be trying to blackmail him now. Cheever is successful in making Blake come off as the typical male stereotype by giving the reader clear Mrs compton on the five forty eight essay that he has very little remorse for his actions taken against Miss Dent.

Mrs. Compton on the Five-Forty-Eight Essay

The story also demonstrates the idea of men depreciating the value of woman workers. As he began walking, Blake begins to wonder if the woman is following him.

But the look on his face, and the fire in her eyes… The train stopped and I forgot all the parcels I had with me, and quickly gathered them with my mind still drawn to the awkward couple behind me.

The Five-Forty-Eight

He notices two of his neighbors sitting near him, Mrs. The next day Blake waited until she was out for lunch and then called personnel and asked them to fire her. She does not care for Blake due to the way he treats his wife.

Also, by accomplishing her task of following Blake home to Shady Hill, she had taught him a lesson, and more dignified and merciful than Blake. Morace states that Blake has under gone a change based on this experience he had with Miss Dent saying that this is the first time that Blake is experiences regret.

I could just imagine the conversation though, and Mr. Watkins, neither of whom Blake cares much for. She then urges Blake to read a letter she has prepared for him. At the station Blake buys a newspaper and then boards his train and finds his seat. Even the gloom and shadow of the rain and graying clouds outside could not veil it, and instead probably intensified it, because snow is always stronger in a dark environment.

What Meyer has to say about this story is that Cheever exposes gender power imbalances, social cruelty and sexual abuse in this short story. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The article Meyer uses is called In the Art.

Along with his own views he also adds in an article written by Charles Baxter who is a writer and also teaches at the University of Minnesota. First he writes about when Blake was walking in downtown Manhattan and turns to see a plate of glass.

Tail them and see where they go? She then tells Blake to stop and turn around. She tells him to put his face in the dirt, Blake does so and begins to weep. Over the next while I managed to sneak glances at the two, and it was obvious whatever conversation they were having was neither a happy one nor entirely forgiving upon Mr.

However, this all accumulates to his behavior being as open as the store-front window according to Martin. Miss Dent begins to explain how he she tried to contact Blake, but begins to ramble somewhat incoherently.The Five forty eight is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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Good vs. Evil in John Cheever's The Five-Forty-Eight John Cheever was an award winning American author of the twentieth century.

The Five-Forty-Eight Analysis

His work often possessed 'psychological and religious vision' with central themes of 'sin, deception, and redemption' (Kennedy, ). The Five-Forty-Eight. John Cheever was an award winning American author of the twentieth century. Cheever's short story entitled "The Five-Forty-Eight" portrays a struggle of good vs.

evil. Comparing John Cheever’s The Swimmer and The Five-Forty-Eight Words 6 Pages Two stories by John Cheever, The Swimmer and The Five-Forty-Eight (), will be explored in terms of how the characters, genre and point of view in these stories give rise to classic fiction. CQ #1 “The Five-Forty-Eight” 1.

Setting is the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place. In the story “The Five Forty Eight” by John Cheever, the setting starts off in the Western Union office on a rainy day where Blake first sees Miss Dent.

The Five-Forty-Eight essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Five-Forty-Eight by John Cheever.

Significance of Blake and Dent in Cheever's "The Five-Forty-Eight".

Mrs compton on the five forty eight essay
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