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The three parcels proposed for use are the Dale Avenue undeveloped open space, the Anchor Road passive open space, and a portion of the Anchor Road parking lot. These volunteers have more access to training, clients records, and client interaction.

Typical behaviors associated with stalkers will be discussed as well as steps you can take if you are being stalked and how to possibly avoid potential stalkers.

Outreach Presentation and Consultation

Public Works Commission Presentation — includes the updates on the underground wastewater storage facility selection process and the draft results for the different site alternatives.

This presentation can also include case studies to see the practical application of disability services on campus and in the community. We will also address recognizing when a student may have some sort of invisible disability, how to approach that student, and make appropriate referrals to our office.

Case studies can be included for more practical application of information provided. If you have another topic of interest not listed below, we do have additional presentation material available.

Wastewater Treatment Plant August 21, The presentation included an update about how the program incorporates sustainability efforts in the following areas: Computer Assisted Real Time Captioning, or TypeWell in the classroom and you either have questions or concerns about the role of these service providers, then this presentation would be helpful!

Clean Water Program Updates November 9: Advocacy and Support Outreach Presentations The office of Services for Students with Disabilities SSD is dedicated to providing information and raising awareness in regards to disability related issues.

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For many of these students the more common teaching modalities do not work best. This presentation gives an overview of the various types of hearing loss, the impact it has on the individual Outreach presentation a hearing loss, and deaf culture.

There are numerous approaches in communicating effectively with someone with a hearing loss, these will be outlined along with suggestions to consider. The assessments will take place in the Marina Lagoon and southern Shoreview Parkside neighborhoods and are expected to begin in November The disABILITY Advocate program promotes understanding and awareness about disabilities in order to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities at the University of Texas at Austin.

Do you have a Deaf or Hard of Hearing student in your class? Neighborhood Meeting — Clean Water Program staff hosted a neighborhood meeting to update residents about upcoming work to upgrade and expand the wastewater treatment plant.

We will also provide suggestions for working with students that you believe have a disability and appropriate referrals to our office. We do this by participating in information fairs on campus as well as by giving presentation to various groups on campus and in the community at large.

This presentation will focus on the legal definition of stalking in the state of Florida, and its prevalence at UF. Below are descriptions of the presentations that are most commonly requested.

Peer advocates are expected to commit for two semesters to provide outreach and education at campus events. This presentation will discuss how to offer materials in a more universally accessible way.

These volunteers commit for two semesters and provide outreach, education, and limited client contact.

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This includes learning disabilities, ADHD, psychological disorders, and chronic health conditions. Please read over the descriptions below and complete and submit the online request form so that we can begin to work with you in raising awareness. This presentation will also explore the myths and realities regarding sexual Outreach presentation as well as the different types of rape: If you are a faculty member and you have a Deaf or Hard of Hearing student in your class utilizing accommodations such as sign language interpreters, CART: Public Works Commission Presentation — Updated information on results of analyses of the two alternative sites and the staff recommendations Outreach presentation site selection.

The CWP requested input from the Commission and the public regarding the potential use of the parcels, community concerns, and potential mitigation measures to be considered. We will also discuss universal design, creating accessibility, how to be an advocate, students with disabilities on the UT campus and accommodations.

The meeting was for discussion purposes only, and no vote was taken. Sexual Violence This presentation will look at the legal definition of sexual battery in the state of Florida. These assessments are part of a pilot project intended to help determine the best approaches to sewer repairs and rehabilitation.

Stalking An estimatedpeople a year are stalked in the United States, and it is predicted that 1 in 20 American women will become victims of stalking at some time in their lives. The primary focus of this presentation is prevention and awareness of this issue.

Unable to attend or host a training or presentation?Outreach presentations. Would you like the Community Health Education Center to visit your school* or community group to talk about health?

There is no cost, thanks to the Salem Health Foundation. Outreach. Bethan Harris. Why Outreach?. T o demonstrate the value of the research work done within the projects and accredit it to the time and innovation of the participating scientists and to ESA.

Encourage the continuation of the work beyond the end of the project. Slideshow.

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Clean Water Program Updates. November 9: Sustainability Commission Update – The CWP provided a general program presentation to the Sustainability Commission at its November 9 meeting. The presentation included an update about how the program incorporates sustainability efforts in the following areas: the City’s Climate Action Plan.

In his interactive presentation the facilitator engages in conversation with students focusing on the multiple and unique aspects of college life that can significantly influence overall wellbeing and college success.

University of Wisconsin Stout | Wisconsin's Polytechnic University READY UW-Stout's polytechnic approach to learning is a balance of career-focused and liberal arts content designed to help students be ready for change and grow personally and professionally.

CCS staff provide presentations, programs, and workshops on various mental health and college student development topics. Presentation requests need to be made 4 weeks in advance. This allows us time to coordinate staff coverage for requests and other details.

To request a presentation, submit the.

Outreach presentation
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