Paper doll costume

Thread the top of the dress, cross and tie the wool in the back. Be careful not to forget the slots because it make all the charm of costume.

It might be helpful to tape the 2 pieces together a bit to make the outfit a smooth transition I also used my yardstick to make some nice straight lines for the skirt. Plastic headband - For the head bow Time: Just remember to add in FLAT layers — not dimensional. I layered and glued 20 plus pieces around the hoop until it was full and complete.

Using hot glue you can attach 2 loops of elastic near the shoulder area. Then your mom will draw life-size outlines of two parts that make up the dress on the piece of cardboard and cut them out. Whatever you fancy is — go for it! We cut a hole in the center of the foam cushion, and she was able to pull it up around her waist.

Lay your fabric right side down and turn your foam board over. If you add a belt to the outfit cut it extra long so it can be wrapped around your daughter as a way to help hold the costume on. Follow the directions on the bottle of spray adhesive to apply your fabric.

Then we cut the duct tape form off of her, and covered the top in paper. We added fan folded tissue paper to the foam cushion to create a petticoat look to complete the dress. We searched for ideas, and most of the ideas out there were flat one dimensional pieces of paper hanging over your body.

I then took a piece of poster board, and cut out a wavy piece to go around her waist to look like another layer of fabric. Take the lace cake doily and hollow out the center.

Use your daughter as a measure of where they should be placed and how large. That was a bit challenging, but we made it work! My box cutter cut very smoothly and easily through the boards.

DIY girls Halloween Costume – paper doll

These loops will make the costume easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. Mix it up — keep it solid. This homemade costume for girls entered our Halloween Costume Contest. We then embellished with paper flowers, and tape. This will give you an idea of where to draw the outfit and how wide to fit her.

The middle section of the bodice is vellum paper that is fan folded to look like pleats. Finish off the outfit with leggings, tights, shoes etc! Resume each notch on white paper, cut them out and paste them. You will need two TABS for the shoulders and a few around the bottom part of the outfit too.

Lay the wrapping paper on each part and secure with hands. This added a ruffle around her waist area. How to make a paper doll costume: I lined up her waist with the bottom of the first piece so I could cut a top out.

Remember the lines you drew will be covered up by fabric! It was snug, but the foam definately stretched enough to get it around her and yet be a perfect place to secure the hoop. Outline dash marks on the notches with the black marker.

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Just her shoulders and sides and down along her hips. Cute, but as per usual, we wanted bigger and better. My daughter wanted to be a paper doll for Halloween.Oct 25,  · I loved playing with paper dolls as a kid, and so the idea of dressing up like a life-size paper doll made me smile.

Paper Doll Costume

This costume is easy to make, even if you don't. The Paper Doll Costume features a pink foam dress cutout and a matching hair bow printed with dotted cut lines. This Paper Doll Costume includes a pink bodysuit, foam scissors, and white leggings.

The Paper Doll Costume for girls includes a pink dress, an apron, and a matching headband. Turn Halloween into a doll house party in this costume! Find and save ideas about Paper doll costume on Pinterest. | See more ideas about DIY doll costume, DIY doll dress costume and Creepy doll party costume.

The crafting experts at share download paper doll patterns and fun ideas for decorating them. DIY girls Halloween Costume – paper doll. October 9, 21 Comments. You can create a hair accessory in paper doll style as well to match your outfit if you.

Paper doll costume
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