Quantity surveying business strategy

The results of the enquiry are then discussed. Surprisingly, the same cannot be said about marketing in relation to the construction industry especially the consulting aspects of the industry where quantity surveying firms are a major part.

Construction companies will appreciate gaining access to additional funds that they may not be able to obtain without your services. Furthermore, [23] identified marketing resources and categorized them as manpower, skills and budget. The marketing performance of firms in the built environment especially the consulting industry has come under serious criticism.

Again, the firms do not accept it as necessary where the head of marketing is solely responsible for marketing functions apparently, because the norm in the industry is that the marketing function is added to the responsibilities of an employee to manage it in addition to his own core responsibilities as Quantity surveying business strategy technical person in the firm.

The result of the Principal Component Analysis CPA carried out on the three key areas defined earlier is given in tables 2, 3 and 4. Existence of marketing department, the number of people working in the department, status of the head of marketing in the organization and the existence of an independent sales department besides the marketing department are some of the criteria that are used for such assessment.

Notable amongst such research relevant to this study are the works of [23], [1], [19] and [20]. ANP-based marketing activity selection model for construction companies, Construction Innovation: As a result, a list of QSCF, which was 48 in number, was obtained from the GhIS for the purpose of identifying the firms and their locations.

Trade Publications Become a routine contributor to local trade publications that cater to the construction industry.

In an organization where such is the practice, the above response should be expected. The Chartered Institute of Building, No. In the work of [23], these functions were examined.

Consider offering your services for free to the trade publication in exchange for including your company contact information and an advertising blurb at the end of every article you submit.

It has been stressed, therefore, that effective marketing begins with planning and proper planning begins with long-range view of the entire business [6]. Looking at the sizes of the majority of the firms, limited budget can also be a contributory factor as the firm may want to use the limited funds to improve production efficiency which is their core business than to employ the services of marketing professionals.

According to [12], marketing within the professional sector is considered at worst as an alien concept, and at best as a new development that is viewed with skepticism. The weights of the marketing activities were calculated using the factor scores such as in equation 2.

Some views on education and training in the construction industry, Technical Information Service: The resource constraints of these firms compel them to focus more on production efficiency than marketing aspects.

Again, the nature of the three parameters i. Marketing Resources As stated by [2], the composition of marketing budget of many construction firms in the past were wages, sales expenses, product literature, and limited public-relations activities.

The study examined these functions in the built environment consulting industry where marketing is viewed as inappropriate or not applicable. The factors included the level of management where the responsibility for marketing programs lay and that was linked to the importance the firm attaches to it.

The study focused on firms but not individual Quantity Surveyors who are in paid employment. In terms of size, To classify these factors, [23] sorted out all the above and added more to those criteria and categorized them into three issues as follows: To what extend do the following factors enhance effective organisation of marketing functions and activities in your firm?

More specifically, this research has three objectives: The firms are not able to employ marketing professional due to limited budget and the skill of those in charge of marketing activities is low due to the nature of education and training of the Quantity Surveyors.

Finally, implications, limitations and directions for future research are offered. This allocation must be in line with the marketing plan that has been formulated to achieve specific organizational aims. Of the remainder, Construction companies would love to have some of the skills you possess within their own company.

Again, this may be a reflection of the distribution of the respondents as This philosophy can be a factor that is preventing the QSCF from achieving sustainable growth in that lack of an effective marketing programme has the tendency to result in a mismatch of created offering by the firm and the needs of clients.

The rest of the article is structured as follows: Similarly, [18] observed that marketing has attracted only little attention among professionals, a situation which is in direct contrast to the role of marketing in the consumer goods industry [7], where marketing is accepted as one of the cornerstones of servicing the needs of clients and customers.

This call for employment of marketing professionals individuals with professional training in marketing to manage a marketing department set up with adequate professional staff depending on the size of firm and the range of business activities that the firm engages in.Competitive Strategies of Selected Quantity Surveying competitive strategy to the business and research was after his landmark book ‘ Competitive Strategy’ in (Flanagan et al., According to Murphy (), cost leadership strategy is prevalent in the construction industry by virtue of increased tender Competitive Strategies of Selected Quantity Surveying Firms in Nigeria 5 price competition, which.

Successful quantity surveying companies are able to manage contracts and minimize the cost of building projects for their clients in the financing and construction industries.

From analyzing capital costs for funding requests to assessing ongoing operational costs, quantity surveyors are a critical link between.

Business Ideas for Quantity Surveying

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One of. The need therefore exists for a better understanding of the ways by which marketing performance can be improved in the construction industry especially the consulting aspects of construction business. Marketing Performance of Quantity Surveying Consultancy Firms indicates that Top management’s perceived level of priority of.

Competitive strategy for quantity surveying spread modern business objective. The construction industry shows some evidence of strategic planning implementation; however such concepts are mainly adopted by large A survey of quantity surveying practices questioned which competitive strategies are followed, how these strategies are.

Quantity surveying business strategy
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