Sara lee corporation swot analysis essay

Products that are not found to be profitable are being eliminated or sold. Sara Lee should utilize some of its cash and perform another stock buyback program.

Clearly, Sara Lee is able to identify market needs and diversify both its product lines and its geographic markets to take advantage of market opportunities.

Sara Lee Corporation Company Profile, Energy prices continue to be unpredictable due to global events such as political unrest in various parts of the world, rapid economic growth in countries such as China and unfavorable weather conditions causing disruptions to fuel production facilities or power plants.

Sara Lee offers direct delivery of beverage products to restaurants through its foodservice and international beverage divisions.

These trademarks give Sara Lee the leverage to maintain its competitive edge. The company is also highly focused on globalization and expanding throughout the world. Sara Lee Corporation Company Profile, There is also rapid growth in the global market for meat, poultry and dairy produce from animals fed on certified non-genetically modified diets.

Sara Lee Our History. Retrieved May 9,from Dividend Investor. Any claims or enforcement proceedings against Sara Lee could have an extreme adverse affect the company.

After its retrenchment, its businesses are reduced into four categories in regard to North American retail division, North American food service division, international beverage division, and international bakery division. By Sarah Lee staying focus in the food industry and having less or in some cases no focus on non-fitting industries allowed for value chain match-ups in the form of production technology, shipping logistics and customers.

The Sara Lee Heritage, Today Sara Lee Corporation owns several brands in the food and beverage industry as well as products in home and body care. Retrieved May 13,from Sara Lee. What opportunities for skills transfer, cost sharing, or brand sharing do you see?

The market for cleaning products and air fresheners is strong in the United States. Competitive Advantage Sara Lee, in its strength of having highly visible global operations, has managed to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the form of economies of scale, scope and experience.

The company has also become very recycling oriented over the last several years and promotes environmental awareness. By consumers purchasing lunch meats and other foods products of the well know brand — Sarah Lee products would mostly remain high. Therefore the retail, foodservice, and other related industries represent the most attractive long-term business portfolio growth for the Sarah Lee Corporation.

Product line and product relations support one another like: Other business risks unique to large retail customers would also be detrimental to the company. This direction offers opportunities for skills to be transferred, cost and brand sharing including the production of bakery, retail and foodservice goods because many of these are products are similar or the same products.

Charles had a stronger entrepreneurial drive than his brother-in-law so in the two parted ways and Charles renamed the company to the Kitchens of Sara Lee after his eight year old daughter. International expansion is always an opportunity to look out for at the Sara Lee Corporation, particularly in the Central and Eastern European markets, as well as in Asia, which are promising markets for company growth, as a direct contrast to the already inundated markets of USA and Western and Southern Europe.

Unused space and equipment is not only wasted recources but an unnecessary tax liability to the company. The organization balances its business over various product groups and geographical areas, which are competitively strong.

SWOT Analysis for Sara Lee

They have also been able to exploit differences in national resources, flexibility and bargaining power from a multinational network of business operations. Also, since one of the stronger brands of the company is in their organic products segment, it presents an opportunity for the company since the said segment is one of the fastest emerging groups in the industry of food retailing.

Sara Lee Corp Analysis Essay

All of the recommendations are needed in order for the consumer base to continue be to grow at the necessary rate also for the company to continue to grow per goals and to keep the shareholder happy.

Your recommended actions must be supported with convincing, analysis-based arguments. Global Round-Up4 10pp. The company now operates in 58 countries and ships goods to almost countries worldwide. By having product similarity the Sarah Lee Company can manufacturer a large batch of the same product, costing less than having to set up and run a separate product line.

Sixty of the largest European food brands and food retailers now have a non-genetically modified policy in place.

The European divisions accounted for the other Retrieved May 3,from Sara Lee Bakery: This process has started to take root in plants such as the one in Saint Joseph, MO, where the disconinued sausage and pepperoni lines were refirbished to run new products and eliminate wated space and equipment.

Sara Lee Corporation Company Profile. Consumers may then tend to shift away from the products of the company into goods that are less expensive, thereby decreasing sales revenue for the company.Strengths - Sara Lee Corporation introduction. The Sara Lee Corporation has spread its fare far and wide.

It has operations in numerous countries, and it markets its products in nearly nations on every corner of the globe. Its foreign sales account for about 42 percent of its annual revenue. It offers a broad line. Sara Lee Swot Analysis Essay Strength: 1, Strong The Sara Lee Corporation decided to sell 8 businesses that had been targeted as non-strategic.

They decided to concentrate on the grocery portion of their businesses and also their single serve coffee line because they believed it to be very profitable and to continue to become more. SWOT and STP analysis of Sara Lee brand. USP, Tagline are also covered along with competitors.

(About Sara Lee, ) and sells products in countries (Sara Lee Corporation Company Profile, ) Of course, the company still produces its popular bakery items under the Sara Lee brand name as well. Sara Lee Corp. in Has Its Retrenchment Strategy Benefitted Shareholders? Assignment Questions 1.

What is Sara Lee’s corporate strategy? How has its retrenchment strategy changed the nature of its business lineup? Free Essay: Case Analysis 1: Sara Lee vs Dell vs JCPenney With the advance of technology and the development of society, the competition in industry is.

Sara lee corporation swot analysis essay
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