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The worst Shakespeare film adaptations

How many spines will Jet Li have to break before he can know love? Romeo and Juliet also provided the basis for West Side Story. Also, it looks absolutely stunning.

The 10 best modern takes on Shakespeare – in pictures

Han, played by Jet Li in his second Shakespeare adaptations. Hamlet 2 How is it updated? What most people remember about this movie is, of course, Robin Williams as John Keating. Kenneth Branagh, yet again — he loves a bit of Shakespeare, does Ken — imagines the story of four friends who swear off love as an old Hollywood Shakespeare adaptations, with a variety of George Gershwin and Cole Porter songs whacked in among all the iambic pentameter.

A perfect entry point for people who think they hate Shakespeare. If any of you want to revisit a certain best night of your life subset of s culture, this is your Shakespeare adaptation. Unlike most other cinema adaptations of this play, it really gets the sense that these are teenagers, not old dusty relics.

The 10 Greatest Shakespeare Movie Adaptations

The Japanese master relocated the play to feudal Japan where a samurai is told he will be a powerful lord. West Side Story How is it updated? Rather than arguing over a family feud, here the lovers are kept apart because their families hate each other.

Hamlet works as a commentary on corporate culture and the corruption of the superrich, turning Hamlet into a Holden Caulfield-esque figure: REX Shutterstock But when Henry tackled the hefty and demanding role head on, he rebuffed any doubters with his physicality, stage presence and deft ability with the verse.

The standard by which all are judged. Word to the wise: There will be no test later. Much of its success is owed to its leads, with Julia Styles determined rather than surly as a girl tricked into a relationship with a slacker played by Heath Ledger, who acts with the enthusiastic charm of a puppy who got at the chocolate.

This take on Twelfth Night is one of the cheesiest ones in the list, a rom-com lacking the subtlety of 10 Things. You suspect that Keanu Reeves, as the villain of the piece, might be there mostly for star power, bless him. On the American side, Michael Keaton is superb as the bumbling Dogberry, while Denzel Washington makes a dashing prince.

Mike is a young gay man, in love with his bisexual best friend Scott. The film was a surprise hit and made stars out of its town young leads: Alamy For most, his grand and experimental take on Henry V made toward the end of the Second World War as a patriotic and rousing support call for the British allies stands tall.

It does, however, wimp away from the ending of Romeo and Juliet, and perhaps undo the entire point of the play, by having Maria survive and just have a bit of a cry. Romeo Must Die How is it updated?

That narrows the list quite a bit, but it makes for a fun challenge! Here are ten movies that do wonderful things with Shakespeare plays. Back then his theatrical experience did not extend beyond pantomime and a summer season with The Black and White Minstrel Show.

List of William Shakespeare screen adaptations

Hamlet There are several arguments for the best screen Hamlet. His ability to ensure these year-old plays remain relevant is unrivalled. The two men are guided by an older man, Bob Pigeon, who acts as the Falstaff to a group of street kids.

Time travel, an extended cameo by none other than Jesus, some epic showtunes, and the idea that forgiveness can heal psychological wounds.Pages in category "Modern adaptations of works by William Shakespeare" The following 65 pages are in this category, out of 65 total.

This list may not reflect recent changes (). All the world may be a stage in Shakespeare’s world, but all the world is definitely not a movie theater when it comes to film adaptations of Shakespeare’s best work.

The 10 Best Modern Shakespeare Adaptations

In the brilliant new version of Macbeth, Michael Fassbender gives an outstanding performance in the main role. Stuart Kemp considers previous great Macbeths and other fine Shakespeare adaptations. Books shelved as shakespeare-adaptations: As I Descended by Robin Talley, Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray, Desdemona by To.

The 10 best modern takes on Shakespeare – in pictures But the most striking adaptation is this MGM sci-fi drama set in AD where Freud meets Shakespeare in a brave new world. Prospero is.

The best Shakespeare film adaptations

I’m a pretty big nerd when it comes to Shakespeare, no matter how crazy his plays can get. I have my mom’s college copy of The Riverside Shakespeare on my bookshelf, and I sometimes take it.

Shakespeare adaptations
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