Stress in banking industry essay

Contest at work and an increased workload are also the root cause of greater levels of stress.

Stress Management in the Investment Banking Industry

Major part of the sample i. Threat stressors occur usually when the present situation poses a risky threat, such as a monetary recession, or from a misfortune.

Very few of the women employees remain silent. Stress at work is quite a new perceptible fact of contemporary lifestyles. It is considerable to keep this in mind, as stress management signify to use stress to our benefit, and not on eliminating the occurrence of stress in our lives. On the other hand, not all companies have such method in place.

In spite of having the recent technologies and services, women feel to be work loaded and stressed. The causes which are faced mostly by working women at their workplace in my study at Bank are: The stress can be identified by the symptoms as mental symptoms usually experienced include sleeplessness, headaches and an incapability to focus.

When women are faced with collective roles, all of which carry serious demands, they face stages of stress that are high enough to add to fitness problem, neglected work, and a reduced ability to obtain on additional. Share your moments of life with your close friends and relatives.

The purpose of this research is to review the psychology behind the factors that contribute to employee stress as a result of organizational change, environmental and economic factors. The threat can be any circumstances that are supposed, even subconsciously or incorrectly, as a threat.

The suggestions range from individually focused actions to broad based organizational policy changes.

Companies are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive and supportive workplace environment through ethically responsible policies, fair compensation and proactive management.

The collective-roles that women are have to play these days, bring about energy leak both at the bodily as well as mental level. Fear of aggression is often on the minds of individuals who handle cash on a regular basis, and can be a major cause of mental and physical distress Violence and stress in financial services, Severe stress is the reaction to an instantaneous threat, usually known as the fight response.

An international Journal, 5, Corporate women who have served in all conditions distinguish stress when they monitor symptoms such as: Stress, either fast or steady, can bring risky body-mind disorders.

To some extent there is the fright from being economized in awful times, leading to better job uncertainty on the part of those who stay [21]. Good leaders who are familiar with the symptoms of stress can manage situations to create more pleasing workplaces and to improve both efficiency and the bottom line.

Occupational demands, psychological burnout and anxiety among hospital personnel in Norway.

Last but not least, demise stressors take place when there is a feeling of loss such as the fear of losing a loved one, or any other loss. Reasons for stress are? The abstract literature on stress recommends that working women are lying on to the same face stressors practiced by working men.

The self in work organizations: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine November, I have tried to highlight the situation in context of such problem and tried to suggest some of them for correcting the situation.

Now a day the companies are thriving towards high rate that the women have to work for longer hours to sustain the standard of living and accomplish their basic needs. This is known as the repose reaction.

This is the fresh generation of women, who needs to chase their dream career. One of the major causes of workplace stress is whether the person is satisfied with the job or not. European foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions Adapted from Kompier and Marcelissen, It has an effect on immune system, cardiovascular and nervous systems and direct individuals to regular addictions.

The recommendation to take action to fight or flee must thus be cautiously handled. A Holistic Approach, Second Edition,pp. Things are not easy for her on the work frontage either. Symptoms of Work Stress It is no surreptitious that stress and associated disarray is being considered as generally regular cause of employee disability.During the past decade, the banking sector had under gone rapid and striking changes like policy changes, increased competition due to the entrance of more private sector banks, introduction of new technologies, etc.

Due to these changes, the employees in the. In this essay, I’ll discuss the main reasons that contribute the stress in the banking industry (particularly in the UK), the effects of stress on different parties and how the financial institutions and individuals somehow manage to reduce the stress resulted from their workload.

contributing job stress and the relationship between job stress and employee performance.

A Study on Workplace Stress Among Women Working

Bank employees in this study refer to Brach level Managers, operational managers, supervisors and officers (credit officers, remittance officers, customer services officers and. Stress Management in the Investment Banking Industry Research Paper by julie Stress Management in the Investment Banking Industry An analysis of change management and strategies that deal with possible emergence of stress as a result of organizational change.

BIS Papers No 22 We base our stress index on the observation of crisis symptoms in the banking sector. Typically, several symptoms signal banking crises (bank run, fall in the banks’ stock price, bank. The banking sector has under gone rapid and striking changes due increased competition due to the entrance of more private sector banks, downsizing, introduction of new technologies, etc.

Due to these changes, the employees in the banking sector are experiencing a high level of stress.

Stress in banking industry essay
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