The catalase lab essay

Wear safety goggles and a lab coat to avoid getting any acid on your person, and dispose of the acids in a sink with plenty of water. In the Substrate concentration experiment, I filled the test tubes with different enzyme to hydrogen peroxide concentrations, which were measured in centimeters.

We will write a custom essay sample on Enzyme Lab Report or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The major conclusion was that catalase reacts faster in warm temperatures that are neither freezing nor boiling, catalase performs well in lower concentrations than the substrate, and catalase prefers neutral pH levels around 7.

Enzyme Lab Report

The materials used in this experiment included 4 test tubes 5 for pHatalase, hydrogen peroxide, an ice water bath, a warm water The catalase lab essay, a boiling water bath, thermometer, test tube rack, a wax pencil, a metric ruler, a timing device, and pH solutions at 1, 4, 7, 10 and The positive control was the pH 4 test tube, and the negative control was the pH 13 test tube.

This enzyme is vital because it prevents the build-up of H in the body.

Catalase Lab Report

Some of the The catalase lab essay attached to the filter papers, so some filter papers had a lot more catalase on it than others. The Big Picture The significance of my work is to demonstrate efficiency of catalase. I expected the oxygen to be produced a lot faster as more catalase was added.

Without catalase, cells would commit suicide due to the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the cells; also it would create lesser amounts of oxygen and water in metabolic reactions because catalase handles the decomposition of approximately half of generated hydrogen peroxide in living organisms.

Each test tube was left at the designated temperature for two minutes, and then afterwards were tested every ten seconds for a minute. The positive control of this experiment was the test tube kept in room temperature, and the negative control was the test tube placed in the ice.

Suggestions for future work would be to test how the enzyme catalase is able to function in extremophiles and mesophiles, because of their extreme conditions. This showed that although more H was added, catalase still decomposed at a consistent rate. Clean and clear rulers should be used to measure the bubbles.

It adds understanding to the success of cellular respiration and how the hydrogen peroxide is decomposed.

I did expect the results I received. Other errors were group errors, when the timer was not stopped or started at the correct time and when the catalase and H was also not fully rinsed out before the next test took place. The results assembled clearly supported all three of my hypotheses.

This research should take a professional and informational stance, such as helping the general public, as well as other scientists comprehend how bacteria are able to survive in their complex environments.

This research will help increase the knowledge of enzyme activity in complex environments, and under what conditions the enzyme catalase will perform best. Comparing Results Considering my experiments and data, my end result was the exact criterion I originally expected.

Catalase lab report

The correlation between these three principles is that they all speed up the process of enzyme activity. This supports my hypothesis that higher temperatures amplify catalyzation, although too high of a temperature denatures enzymes. Without enzymes, metabolic processes would occur at unfeasible rates.

Catalase Lab

Three different experiments were tested in this lab; temperature, substrate concentration and pH. This means that catalase reacts faster in warm temperatures that are neither freezing nor boiling.

The results of the graphs and the lab showed that the more disks added meant the more oxygen produced and the less time it took to become filled with oxygen. The independent variables were time and the ratio of enzyme to substrate concentration and the dependent variable was the amount of reaction that occurred.

Hydrogen peroxide is a toxic byproduct of metabolism that can destroy cells if it is not removed. The enzyme catalase is important because it handles the decomposition of approximately half of generated H2O2 in living organisms [2].

Both these assumptions were proved correct throughout the lab. The catalase broke down all the hydrogen peroxide and then had a surplus after the reaction occurred.

This needs to be known to understand metabolic reactions and its poisonous byproducts, as well as what decomposes the byproducts.The purpose of this catalase lab is to design simple experiments to demonstrate how various factors affect the rate of enzyme activity - Catalase Lab introduction.

This lab shows how the enzyme decomposes in hydrogen peroxide. Catalase Activity lab report Essay  Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity Bernard Stepteau Biology Lab /Th am – am Dr Laynes Hypothesis: As the temperature of the enzyme catalase rises the activity of the reaction will decrease.

Our class began a lab based around enzymes and how they react when different variables are changed, such as temperature, pH, and concentration of the yeast or hydrogen peroxide. The yeast acted as the enzyme, which produces catalase needed for our desired reaction with the hydrogen peroxide. Lab: Effect of temperature and pH on catalase activity BACKGROUND Catalase is an enzyme that detoxifies chemicals that might harm the.

Catalase is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen; it is essential to cellular respiration.

I asked if enzyme activity was affected when exposed to different conditions, such as temperature, substrate concentration, and. Assessment of Catalase Function Lab Introduction The purpose of this lab report was to test and measure the rate of substrate destruction by an enzyme, we tested the destruction of hydrogen peroxide by the enzyme catalase.

Hydrogen peroxide is a poisonous by product of metabolism that can damage cells if it is not removed.

The catalase lab essay
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