The effects of unemployment in the uk essay

The Overall Effects of Unemployment

For example, workers who became unemployed in the severe early s recession were making about 20 percent less than average 20 years later. Economic conditions are the main factor in unemployment.

Hurricanes such as Katrina and others costed billions of dollars and the federal government paid billions of dollars to deal with the situation. Unemployment had scarcely affected or ruined the dream of new American families towards prospective marriage which creates a sense of instability towards the future.

Increasing populations often lead to unemployment at a slower rate. Even though the latter effect is the most extreme and the rarest one but it is the ultimate end of the growing unemployment and inability of the government to stop it.

The effects of unemployment in the UK Essay

In fact, unemployment provokes the further decline of consumption and stimulates saving that is disastrous for the contemporary open market economy, which is oriented on consumerism.

Discussion From analyse of the results it is clear to see that levels of crime increases with increased unemployment rate. In addition, studies have shown that long-term unemployment harms the mental health of workers and can actually worsen physical health and shorten lifespans.

Again this was another bullet directed to stop one of the money making engines, because it led many companies to stop The effects of unemployment in the uk essay production or made them impossible to pay employee dues or even facility expenses and eventually led them to run out of business.

It may then highlight the effect that unemployment rates have on a certain type of criminal activity and provide an insight to the extent of the problem.

Those labor saving inventions have been replacing unskilled workers leading to a fall in demand for labor. This attempt will give a hope millions of Americans who abstained from marriage due to the lack of income or many small businesses which faced stressful situation because of successive robbery in their neighborhood.

This is the form of unemployment which happens during prosperous times when companies can afford to invest in new technologies. They further explained that unemployment increases the relative attractiveness of large and less violent gangs engaging more in property crime.

Smoking is another expensive addiction which can add more strain on a non income household. The data displays that when unemployment rates increase so does the crime rates. The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labour The effects of unemployment in the uk essay.

However, a large-scale study of the issue came to mixed conclusions about the connection. Many big corporate banks asked from federal government to receive bailout money after spending billions of dollars for insurance claims.

In another related paper, Baharom and Habibullah found that crime exhibits neither long-run nor short run relationships with income inequality and they are not cointegrated. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Once a company fails to pay its employees it has no choice but to let them go. However, there is no evidence of a long-run relationship between either break and enter, robbery, serious assault or stealing with male youth unemployment and real male average weekly earnings.

Narayan and Smythin their study on Australia, employing Granger causality test, to examine the relationship between seven different categories of property crime and violent crime against the person, male youth unemployment and real male average weekly earnings from to within a cointegration and vector error correction framework.

Smoking causes high blood pressure, raised heart beatsshortness of breath, chronic coughingimpotence and infertility, long term smokers have a higher risk of developing respiratory track infection and lung cancer which means smoking can cause death. Then further statistical analyse will be performed to reveal the relationship between unemployment rates and types of crimes committed.

Moreover, high unemployment is not only using a high amount of monetary resources but can also encourages xenophobia and protectionism as workers fear that foreigners are stealing their jobs.

Sometimes, it reduces its size in waves of redundancies or it simply shuts down. DR Gerry Spence comments that most families on benefits suffer from obesity and they most likely rely on eating out of the chippy and on convenience stores. In contrary Habibullah and Baharom employing bounds test ARDL found that in the long-run, strong economic performances real income per capita indeed have a positive impact on murder, rape, assault, daylight burglary and motorcycle theft, while on the other hand, economic conditions have negative impact on armed robbery.

An economic crash causes businesses to fold and posts to disappear. Hire Writer Research questions:Hypothesis – Increased unemployment rates in the UK will cause an increase in criminal activity with the biggest increase in burglary and theft related crime due it to causing a motive to act out a criminal offence.

Effects of Unemployment Essay Effects of Unemployment 4/28/ High Crime Rate Linked to Low Wages and Unemployment Recent studies show that low wages and unemployment tend to make less educated people commit crimes.

The. Cause & Effect Essay: Unemployment Unemployment is the one constant throughout history. Despite changing technology, the underlying principles of why unemployment occurs remain the same.

It’s also what continues to this day. The three main causes of unemployment are economic conditions, new technology, and increasing populations. The causes and effects of unemployment. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal: Request the removal of this essay.

Causes and Effects of Unemployment 11/18/ Suleyman Causes and Effects of Unemployment Unemployment rate is the litmus paper of a country’s economy, security and its overall production force.

The more unemployment rate increases the more consumption rate decreases. Effects of Unemployment on Economy. Print Reference this.

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The effects of unemployment in the uk essay
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