The growing movement of christianity in jesus in beijing by david aikman

And yet one of the nice things about your book, Jesus in Beijing, is that you set it in the context of the history of Christianity in China which pays proper respect to the Nestorians, the Jesuits, the Hudson Taylors.

He also explained the great impact Christian faith has on families, and how a strong and healthy nation is the result of healthy families.

David Aikman: Jesus in Beijing

They think that the cultural Christians may sort of reinvent church, at least in the Chinese context. However, you cannot buy Bibles in any ordinary Chinese bookstore, although you can, of course, buy copies of Buddhist scriptures and so on.

Well yes, in a sense it is. Anglo-Scottish evangelist Robert Morrison initiated the modern evangelistic work in China, and along with many other missionaries from many other countries, they helped China in many ways, including in education, and through medical missions and humanitarian assistance.

Well, that sleeping dragon has awakened, and it is expected to dominate the world politics and economics in the years ahead. You start with a remarkable lecture that was delivered to some tourists in which someone who was not a member of the religious right nevertheless gives credit to Christianity for the way the West has shaped its society.

Well, joining us from Washington is the former Beijing bureau chief for Time magazine. He speaks several languages. It is amazing when you consider, Dick, that in there were only 3 million Catholics and fewer than one million Protestants. And you have this wonderful section in your book on Amity Press and the availability of Bibles, and the fact that they have distributed a lot of Bibles.

There is no other way. When we-when we think about the-the-the attitude of the House Church towards the Three Self Church, how would you describe that-that-that attitude and relationship, and explain why they feel the way they do about the Three Self Church?

Well, and for people that understand that, people in the West to understand that, we have to start exploring the China Christian Council, the Three Self Church Movement, and House Church Movement, which are very different from each other.

I mean, which countries are first always to provide emergency aid after earthquakes and volcanoes? Now, you still have very tight restrictions on religion and you still have persecution there of course. It was pretty interesting to compare it with the spread of the Gospel in the early church, and contrast it with the spread of religion in the New World, and I ended the book with some measure of optimism for how God will use that nation in the days ahead to continue growing His church here on earth.

So people are open for explanations of life and a reality that makes sense of what they have to deal with on a daily basis. But I think it would be important to tell folks that there are a lot of stories like this in the book.

So-so when-when people in the West generalize about China, and they look at the House Church Movement and the Three Self, they usually come down on one side or the other of which is a legitimate expression of the Body of Christ and they come to the same conclusion about Bibles.

And the fact that they feel the call to be part of what God might do with Muslims. These centers have been operating for 17 years and have trained a large number of mainland church leaders, proving that this kind of partnership is successful.

It is, in fact, an estimate, but through various criteria to go on. And so their attitude is that-that the Three Self Church is just kind of a puppet in submission to the government.

Lewis reviewed the history of foreign churches and missionaries in offering evangelistic support in China and the important role they played.

Aikman on impact of Christianity in China

Asia may be going Christian, and fast, it looks like the message to spread the Gospel and "Good News" are being fulfilled right before our eyes When you talk to Westerners about Chinese Christianity, most of them have just a little piece of the pie and through that they try to translate all of-all of China.

Well, for a couple of reasons. The training has given to many church leaders a strong foundation in the faith, spiritual development, a better understanding of the Bible and apologetics, as well as physical and spiritual correction. Through the self-initiated rights defense efforts of the church and Christian lawyers and by relying on swiftly developing church communities and Christian ethics—two critical supporting factors that no other religion, political party, intellectual arena or civic group can offer—Christianity is currently and will ultimately lead to a fully formed citizenship society in China.

And that number is continuing to grow, not only in the countryside, but also in the cities. Or is there still a concern of emerging menace?

Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing the Global Balance of Power

According to Asia Harvest: Christianity is already playing this role. They explained the importance of providing Christian education for the next generation in China, and shared their experiences over the past decade in setting up Christian nursery schools and other schools.

You do feel like reading the book of Acts. Chinese can travel abroad.

China, the Growing Stronghold of Christianity

Well then they arrested him and they brainwashed him and basically tortured him. We were just talking about what David refers to as the Nelson Mandela of Chinese Christianity, and a man who understood the Three Self concept of the church prior to the government imposition, and was a very individualistic and Christ-centered and glorifying leader.

What a moment that must have been. But the-the leadership of the Three Self is trying to ram down the throats of everybody a sort of theology which is warmed-over s social gospel liberalism. These can be achieved in a real sense through crosspollination of law, community, politics and culture, and ethics, which would then promote progress in the development of a civil society that ultimately will result in a democratic society.

And he steadfastly refused to cooperate.David Aikman (photo right), author of “Jesus in Beijing” and former Beijing-based Time Magazine correspondent was one of the keynote speakers.

In his speech on “The Impact of Christianity on China’s Future,” Aikman said that, based on its swift economic development, China was poised to become a superpower in the 21st century.

David Aikman: Jesus in Beijing. Interview of David Aikman by Dick Staub. I’m referring to David Aikman. And his book is Jesus in Beijing, published by Regnery.

David, thank you for joining us today. How might China change the movement of Christianity in the world? A. Well, there’s an interesting book by a sort of scholar of missions. Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing the Global Balance of Power [David Aikman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Politics are being transformed by religion, namely in China—within the next thirty years, one-third of this potential superpower could be Christian. If this religious transformation /5(59). Jesus in Beijing () A Man of Faith () Great Souls () About David Aikman The blog of David Aikman.

Author of multiple books and former TIME correspondent. When the Almond Tree Blossoms () David Aikman, former senior foreign correspondent Douglas Richfield supported the People’s Movement early on and. The new revolutionary movement, Christianity, could transform China and alter the political alliances and balances of the entire world, within just a few year.

"Jesus in Beijing," written by David Aikman, former Time magazine Beijing bureau chief, chronicles the increase of Christian believers at. Jesus in Beijing has ratings and 37 reviews. Aaron said: If you are looking to better understand christianity in China from a cultural, historical, a /5.

The growing movement of christianity in jesus in beijing by david aikman
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