The positive impact of the general aviation ga and the weekend pilot on the aviation industry

Pilots are at least starting to learn about the technology, with the soaring popularity of portable receivers for ADS-B weather. Instead of acting like a fraternity where pledges have to prove themselves, we should act like a family where everyone is welcomed as they are.

General Aviation Economic Impact Study

Charles Lindbergh certainly would not have crossed the Atlantic if he had focused on how long his odds were, but that seems to be the approach that some pilots take toward our current problems. Here are five areas that need attention: Pilots are not convinced that NextGen benefits them.

Less complaining, more encouraging. Obviously, changing something as fundamental as the type of fuel used in airplanes is sure to be a long, difficult process, but the current situation is both confusing and discouraging for the average pilot.

5 things general aviation needs right now

Whether it was championing GPS, creating the Light Sport Aircraft market or pushing the envelope on aircraft design, these leaders knew what pilots wanted and worked to deliver it.

What do you think? Will performance be lost? Done poorly, this transition could permanently ground a large chunk of airplanes overnight.

But with smart decisions and good leadership, transitions can also lay the groundwork for a stronger future. Remember when LL was that price? We also need to reconsider our attitude towards those rarest of people—new pilots. Today all four of those leaders are gone or in new places, and many of their previous roles are in flux: Sometimes our greatest enemy is our own attitude, as complaining and negative thinking become self-fulfilling prophecies.

And we need to consider not just airframes, but engines and avionics as well—look at the spread between portable and certified avionics for a glaring example of just how bad things have gotten.

Fuel is one of those critical transition points that could make or break general aviation. The core question is this: In a word, no. Current industry leaders need to offer that. Straight talk on avgas.

Add your comment below. To put it bluntly, we need to get over ourselves. Is the future Jet A or high octane unleaded gasoline or neither? The legacy of the s and early s aviation boom is finally starting to fade, and aviation companies are confronting a new reality.

Pilots are looking for inspiration, or at the very least hope.

Can any of this be achieved? The program is also years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget, which only adds to the sense of confusion.CURRENT AND HISTORICAL TRENDS IN GENERAL AVIATION IN THE UNITED STATES Current and Historical Trends in General Aviation in the United States by Kamala I.

Shetty and R. John Hansman Abstract However, a comparison of general aviation’s impact on jobs and on the economy. AGING AND THE GENERAL AVIATION PILOT Research and Recommendations AIR SAFETY INSTITUTE of changes in the industry and culture—poses serious challenges for the industry, and raises important questions it was found that greater flight.

General Aviation Pilot

5 things general aviation needs right now. by John Zimmerman. Aviation’s unofficial leaders set the agenda for the average pilot. Five years ago, general aviation was packed with charismatic, well-known leaders, including Phil Boyer at AOPA, Tom Poberezny at EAA, Jack Pelton at Cessna and Alan Klapmeier at Cirrus.

As an engineer from. August 31, by General Aviation News Staff Leave a Comment In an update sent to customers, Dynon Avionics notes that in the coming weeks and months, company officials expect to receive STC approval for additional aircraft models, including the Beechcraft Bonanza and Piper Seneca.

Contribution of General Aviation to the US Economy in it is for general information purposes only, and should not be used as a substitution for consultation with professional advisors. flight operations, maintenance, and other activities. The economic impact of the general aviation industry is measured in terms of employment, labor.

examination process on every pilot. The problems general aviation (GA) faces are myriad: Fewer pilots, fewer The State of General Aviation give them a positive view of GA.

The positive impact of the general aviation ga and the weekend pilot on the aviation industry
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