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Moore then compares health-care with other countries like Canada, Britain, France, and even Cuba. However, when Michael Moore interviewed this doctor and asked him about his lifestyle, the doctor responded by saying that he actually lived in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, and drove a nice car.

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None of Britain, France or Cuba are necessarily the ideal places to live as Moore glibly portrays although France does sound pretty sweet.

Part one of the documentary ends with these numerous stories and eventually integrates into Part two of the documentary, where Michael Moore introducers a much lighter atmosphere. He builds a very convincing argument, however; Moore plays on the emotions and uses pathos to strengthen his arguments rather than reason.

His patients all get the treatment in Cuba that is not affordable to them in the US. Most of these problems result from the corruption present in the American health insurance industry.

Michael Moore Sicko is a documentary movie which aims to compare the highly rewarding American healthcare industry with other countries.

Why do they hate him so much? Right-wing and politically conservative people, of co urse, are inevitably offended by his positions, and they might be expected to dismiss his films. He talks to U. He asks of Americans, "Who are we?

Many of the cases presented portray people who died because they were denied treatment that could have saved their lives. Then he travels to Canada, Great Britain and France to compare their systems showing their hospital, doctors, staffs and patients.

As Moore points out at the beginning of the film, SiCKO is not primarily about those who do not have health insurance, although many of the stories that he relates involve those that do not Heavens! Many people cannot obtain health insurance, even if they have the money to pay for it.

The documentary provides an in depth understanding and analysis of the unceasing health care problems in America. I am always amazed by the animosity and contempt that so many people seem to feel for Moore.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This woman, who could not afford the costly surgery on her own, had to make the decision not to have the surgery. Moore also uses cases of elderly patients and veteran further add dramatic effect.

Synopsis 1 Summaries Documentary look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations HMOs compared to free, universal care in Canada, the U. Although this may seem like a simple job, the interviewee talked about having to help applicants of health insurance, whom she knew would eventually be rejected.

All of these organisations are enormous economic enterprises that can use their economic clout to influence the government by effectively making campaign contributions i.

At the end of their treatments, they leave the hospital without paying a single dollar. Let us put the disturbing nature of that question aside for the moment and consider the other main topic of discussion here, which is the nature of the documentary film expression employed by Michael Moore.

Along with ethos and pathos, these specific interviews also employ the device of logos. However, as Michael Moore shows in his documentary, this is certainly not the case.

But there is a deeper American cultural theme that underlies this animosity towards Moore, and it has its connections with the history of documentary films.

Sicko is a documentary about the American Health Care system as seen through the eyes of the filmmaker Michael Moore. He is biased toward the socialistic healthcare system and did not portray any negative effects or circumstances with the socialistic system.

After informing the audience of a patient being denied treatment, Moore gives an example of the free healthcare in other countries.

The film investigates health care in the United The movie compares the profiteering, All of the experiences that Michael Moore have in these three countries utilizes the device of logos.

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Magnifying the contrast between the social inclusiveness of France and England and the divisive, profit-driven US system, this section shows how Los Angeles hospitals take indigent patients needing treatment and dump them off as if they were refuse at skid row shelters for the homeless.

They recognize that every documentary film presentation necessarily involves interactions on the part of the filmmaker with his subject material, and they explicitly acknowledge that interaction by supplying their own personal commentary.

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Michael Moore belongs to the same camp and is an Interactionist, too, but he is operating in a popular society that clings stubbornly to the belief that Objectivism is the only option.

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So in SiCKO Moore gives the viewer his personal narrative describing his investigation into a sick social patient, which in this case is the whole of American society.

Watch the documentary film Sicko by Michael Moore (). If you did not see it in class, you can see it on “vimeo” if you create a free an essay, about 5 pages long, in which you respond clearly and thoroughly to prompts.

Here is a link that you can go watch the documentary. Continue reading "Sicko". The American Dream Exposed in Sicko, by Michael Moore Essay examples - America is a place where myriad of people desired to migrate and to live in as there are American Dream, same meaning as opportunity to endeavor after life, liberty, and the pursuit of.

Apr 24,  · Review my essay about Sicko please? i wacthed Sicko and wrote about how it influenced my idea and opinions. In Sicko, Michael Moore compares the health care system in the U.S.

with the ones in other Resolved. In the movie Sicko Michael Moore attempts to show us that universal healthcare is flawless and is successful because he doesn't include all information. I would like to show you some of the information that he left out.

however, even with this information I still think that some sort of universal healthcare system would be beneficial to the United States.

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