Using critical thinking skills to improve medication administration

Pull the skin over the selected site to the side. Straighten out the ear canal by pulling the auricle up and back for the adult and down and back for the infant and young child less than 3 years of age. Prepare the medication s to be administered.

Shake the bottle and remove the cap. All medications including all prescription medications, vitamins, over the counter medications, herbal remedies, nutritional and dietary supplements, vaccinations, blood derivatives, diagnostic and contrast agents, and radioactive medications are included in the compilation of the list which contains all current medications and treatments.

The sites for these injections should be rotated. Automated order entry using a computer eliminates some medication order errors including those that result from illegibility of handwriting and ordering a medication with which the client is allergic to, however, nurses should never assume that this is the case.

Warburton P Poor numeracy skills must be tackled to cut medication errors. Select the largest vein suitable for the medication.

Using critical thinking skills to improve medication administration.

Administering and Documenting Medications Given by a Common Route The procedures for the administration of medications using different routes are briefly described below. Gently massage the site, except if you are injecting heparin.

A less experienced nurse with keen critical thinking skills will be able to strategize and manage all sorts of new situations, while dealing effectively with everyone involved — the patient, family members, physicians, and other care team members.

Secure the site with a plastic wrap or another semipermeable membrane specifically made for this use. American Sentinel University is an innovative, accredited provider of online nursing degreesincluding programs that prepare nurses for a specialty in nursing educationnursing informaticsand executive leadership.

Using Critical Thinking Skills To Improve Medication Administration

If the person has the urge to defecate, place a gauze pad over the rectum and gently press the area until the urge to defecate passes. Insert the syringe without the piston into the end of the nasogastric tube. Nurses must, therefore, begin a new medication with the lowest possible dosage and then increase the dosage slowly over time until the therapeutic effect is achieved.

The gluteus maximus muscle and the deltoid muscle are NOT used for infants or young children who are less than 3 years of age. Intramuscular Route Administration The sites for intramuscular medications are the gluteus maximus, the deltoid muscle, the vastus lateralis, the rectus femoris muscle, and the ventrogluteal muscle.

That way, when they administer medications in real life, the process will be entirely familiar. Instruct the client to exhale as fully as possible.

Development 15 Apr thinking skills in nursing students for medication administration. Critical thinking is the ability to recognize problems and raise questions, gather evidence to support answers and solutions, evaluate alternative solutions, and communicate effectively with others to implement solutions for the best possible outcomes.

To prevent any of those concerns from becoming a reality, charting can be entirely nonexistent in the clinical facility. Rectal Ointment Administration Drape the patient exposing only the buttocks.

Sublingual medications are administered under the back of the tongue: This allows the higher piggy back to run until it is finished, after which the primary intravenous will automatically run at the established rate. Multi-dimensional thinking means approaching a situation from more than one point of view.

CEUFast - Critical Thinking This course covers how to enhance critical thinking skills and reflection However, it has been shown that nurses do not use critical thinking skills in of medication administration to the patient during each medication pass. Intra-articular Intrathecal The oral route of administration is the preferred route of administration for all clients but the oral route is contraindicated for clients adversely affected with a swallowing disorder or a decreased level of consciousness.

Have the client then firmly place their lips around the mouthpiece immediately after the strong exhalation. To solidify math skills and practice finding the correct dose, students can enter work done to get to the right dose in the additional comments field within the EHR Tutor MAR.

Limited Access to Electronic Health Records Even for those schools with secured clinical facilities, the ability to chart at those facilities is often limited. With realistic simulation encounters, the next generation of nurses will graduate prepared for real life medication administration and will have the potential to drive down medication errors within hospitals.

Inject the medication slowly over several minutes. Otic Route Administration Warm the ear drops to body temperature. The doctor must be notified whenever the nurse has any concerns or problems with these things.

For example, if the client has an order for 10 units of NPH insulin in the morning and they also need 3 units of regular insulin according to their sliding scale for coverage, the client will draw up both insulins according to the above procedure and then inject 13 units total for the NPH and the regular insulins.

Hang the secondary IV set piggy back.Preparing Nurses for Medication Administration with Realistic Preparing Nurses for Medication Administration with Realistic Simulation.

Medication Administration: NCLEX-RN

paper will describe how you can improve students' medication administration skills. to use critical thinking skills to assess the situation before passing a medication. Those skills can help not only with NCLEX pass rates, but also with basic medication administration skills like those tested with the MAE mentioned in the introduction.

Secondly, the combination of EHR Tutor and Practi-Meds allows students to physically do each step of the medication administration process. Student nurses’ thinking during medication administration improve the quality and safety of the to possess accurate critical thinking skills.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Using Simulation to Improve the Medication Administration Skills of Undergraduate Nursing Students | This quasi-experimental pilot study examined simulation methods.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Using critical thinking skills to improve medication administration | Nurses need critical thinking skills. Using Critical Thinking Skills To Improve Medication Administration.

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Using critical thinking skills to improve medication administration
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