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It is online, free and wordle writing about writing account is required. He compares WAW to students who take courses that raise their awareness of social problems. By reading articles that a composition studies student might read, the first-year composition student is able to gain further insight into the ongoing conversation centered around writing.

Displaying text in a word cloud can allow the visual learners to see text in a whole new way. Charlton writes, "Students were engaged and were developing research questions and projects that rivaled wordle writing about writing on senior-level composition theory class, both in terms of complexity and overall quality of finished products.

And I wonder how differently our students might understand writing if they had similar opportunities. My first reaction to Miles et al. Doug and I are arguing that composition instructors should refuse to separate knowledge about writing from practice in writing and some instruction on how to complete the writing tasks at hand.

Type in words into a cloud generator that describes the character.

Writing about Writing

In an article titled "Seeing is Believing: Earning the condemnation of an entire department is bracing-and ironic when the scholarship of some of the signatories — for me, Schwegler and Shamoon — planted seeds of ideas they find unworkable.

It is online, free and requires you to sign up for an account and login.

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He continues to work extensively with Elizabeth Wardle on writing-about-writing pedagogies and is currently studying problems of researcher authority in undergraduate research in the humanities. Wordsift generates a more utilitarian word cloud and appears to have a 50 word maximum regardless of the size of the text.

So how can word clouds be used to help students improve their writing and reading comprehension? You can remove common words from English as well as 29 other languages. You can set the maximum amount of words in the cloud, remove numbers and can customize the look of the cloud including orientation, color, theme and layout.

Word clouds can be used to help all learning styles gain a better understanding of text by emphasizing the main points in an easy to understand graphic. Present a word cloud at the beginning of a class or topic displaying vocabulary or terms from the topic.

By default it filters the common words and you cannot seem to turn them back on. They list several reasons as to why WAW is a "smart choice" in terms of an approach to teaching first-year composition: Many instructors who use WAW are also benefited in that they themselves are able to learn more about composition studies along with their class, promoting parallel learning.

The differences between these two courses, she explains, are both audience and purpose.

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She reaffirms their main point as being "that we should reconceive the nature of FYC goals and focus on the content knowledge we have as a field from which students can benefit. It also allows them to identify the major themes of the chapter before they read.

Visit the blog to contribute to the discussion and get some useful tips for teaching with Writing about Writing: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as Needed.

As public perception often shapes public policy, this uninformed view of composition as a legitimate field of study has contributed to a lack of funding and emphasis on composition classes in academia.

While these were different types of students who had different learning outcomes, both stories illustrate the flexible nature of WAW and how this type of course can be tailored towards individual student needs.

You can also embed it in a webpage, print it or save it as a PDF. You can choose the maximum number of words to show as well as typing in words to not show.

Stuart Greene, Argument as Conversation: Also, the article reports on several instructors incorporating graduate level writing-studies readings into their first-year writing courses with much success.

She is currently conducting a study examining the impact of smaller class size on the learning of composition students, as well as a study examining the impact of the writing-about-writing pedagogy on student writing and attitudes about writing.

This disappoints me, because I do maintain the ideal of scholarship wherein a constructive dialectic stretches, shapes, and builds ideas rather than merely tearing them down.Use this wordle to predict what the book may be about.

WRITE ABOUT. WRITE ABOUT. Writing about Writing (WAW), is a method or theory of teaching composition which puts emphasis on reading and writing about writing in the writing course, and reimagines first-year composition as an "introduction to writing studies.".

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. A word cloud, also called a tag cloud, is a graphical representation of text data. In a word cloud the more a word is used in a group of words or a document the larger it.

Improve Writing and Reading Comprehension Using Word Clouds

Jun 18,  · Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem. The words can appear in an alternate form. Use the words in any order that you like.

Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle. Elizabeth Wardle is an associate professor and the Director of Writing Programs at the University of Central Florida.

Her research interests center on genre theory, transfer of writing-related knowledge, and infusing composition classrooms with the field's best understandings of how writing works.

Wordle writing about writing
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